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cast 3/3/2015

Posted on 03/24 16:10 in More | 0

Fresh from Japan, 8-4's John Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald are here to talk about, well, Monster Hunter and Destiny!Wait, where are you goi.

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cast 03/22/2016

Posted on 03/24 16:13 in More | 0

With our glorious and/or horrible VR future nearly upon us, it's time to take stock of all the headsets and games we tried at GDC, along with a bunch of regular old flat games, the strange future of the console business, the best in chips, a stack of your emails, and more!

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Rumors Of A New 'Knights Of The Old Republic' All Smoke, No Fire

Posted on 04/11 20:38 in Deals | 0

Recently the rumor mill started grinding out a big one: BioWare Austin was supposedly working on a new Knights of the Old Republic Game.The rumor started thanks to Liam Robertson who mentioned he'd heard about the project in a podcast.

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There's A Mysterious New 'Call Of Duty: World War II' ARG Going On Right Now

Posted on 04/28 03:28 in Deals | 0

There's a mysterious new teaser site for Call of Duty: World War II featuring strange old type-writer that you can input five letters into.Enterprising gamers over at reddit's Call of Duty: WW2 subreddit have already begun decoding it.

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