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Nintendo hits creators of Zelda30Tribute with copyright claim

Posted on 11/19 21:48 in More | 0

A few days ago -- on April 4th -- Zelda fans Scott and Mike published their fan made game Zelda30Tribute online.The creators complied, but have stated that they still have Zelda30Tribute's codes which they will upload to Github -- a source code management site that allows programmers to share their work with others.

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FIFA 16 heads to EA Access & Origin Access on April 19 - FIFA 16 for Xbox One News

Posted on 10/19 06:23 in More | 0

FIFA 16 is to be added to the EA Access and Origin Access Vault on April 19, EA has announced, offering subscribers unlimited access to the full game.Its addition follows seven months after the game's release, and just weeks after NHL 16 was added to the EA Access library.

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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault to be given away free on Origin - Medal of Honor Pacific Assault for PC News

Posted on 11/06 03:30 in More | 0

WW2 shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is to be given away free on Origin, EA has announced.The game will be given away as part of EA's 'On The House' range, although an exact date for when it will be available has yet to be confirmed.

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FIFA 16 arrives on the EA Vault

Posted on 05/06 10:34 in More | 0

FIFA 16 joins the EA Vault, making it the 19th game that is playable for free to subscribers of Origin Access.Members can now access it for free, and it's also available on the EA Access Vault for Xbox One.

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Soldier 76 Becomes A Hero In The Final Overwatch Short

Posted on 05/24 17:09 in More | 0

The short animated films for Blizzard's Overwatch have been absolutely superb thus far.Well-acted and full of animation on par with a Pixar film, these shorts have provided a wonderful layer of backstory and mythology to the mysterious world of Overwatch's story.

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Try EA's Origin Access free for seven days

Posted on 02/15 10:27 in More | 0

EA is offering PC gamers a seven day free trial of its Origin Access subscription game service.Sign up to the trial and you'll be granted access to the Origin Games Vault, 10 per cent savings on Origin purchases and early access to major Origin game releases.

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FIFA 17 available on EA and Origin Access

Posted on 04/05 18:23 in More | 0

FIFA 17 is on its way to EA and Origin Access later this month, EA has confirmed.Last year's entry in the long-running football franchise will be available at no extra cost to those who hand over the $4.

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Titanfall 2 is now available on EA Access and Origin Access

Posted on 08/01 15:20 in More | 0

The first of these two, the excellent Titanfall 2, is now available on EA Access and Origin Access.Battlefield 1 remains conspicuous by its absence but it should be following soon after.

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SteamWorld Dig is free on Origin for today only

Posted on 09/06 17:17 in More | 0

The game will be available until 23:59PM BST and is no doubt being given away in anticipation of the release of SteamWorld Dig 2 on September 21 for Nintendo Switch.The PC, PS4 and Vita version will come a few days after.

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