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cast 10/14/2014

Posted on 03/24 16:19 in More | 0

With the Destiny raid completed, we sit back and, um, chat about the Destiny raid.Wait, come back!

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Jak and Daxter games coming to PS4

Posted on 04/04 10:52 in More | 0

Sony has confirmed that Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing are all coming to the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Blog.The PS2 classics will be available later this year on the PlayStation Store up-rendered to 1080p, with all the bells and whistles that come with being on the PS4 such as Trophies, Remote Play, SharePlay, and Activity Feeds.

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Crackdown 3 news coming soon

Posted on 04/05 12:24 in More | 0

While new information on the upcoming Crackdown 3 has been hard to come by, it looks like that's about to change as the official Crackdown Twitter is teasing that news is forthcoming.Digital Foundry has an exclusive Scorpio reveal tomorrow, so perhaps we'll get some Crackdown 3 tidbits from it, too.

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Resident Evil 7's free DLC 'not good enough' for release yet

Posted on 04/25 10:27 in More | 0

Originally scheduled for a Spring release, Resident Evil 7's Not a Hero DLC has been delayed because it's, as Producer Masachika Kawata and Director Koshi Nakanishi put it in a video update, not up to the standard set by Resident Evil 7, yet.'Our aim is for this content to match the high quality of the main game, so we need more development time in order to achieve that goal,' Kawata said.

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