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This week in space: Ceres, Io, and an interesting answer to the Fermi paradox

Posted on 08/05 17:09 in Shows | 0

From exoplanet research and Io’s unusual atmosphere to triple supernovas, it’s been an interesting week.From Harvard this week comes a compelling and evidence-based answer to the evergreen question: if there’s life beyond our planet, where is it?

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The Perseids peak this week, and will put on a spectacular show

Posted on 08/10 17:44 in Shows | 0

The Perseids, an annual meteor shower so named because it looks like they come out of the constellation Perseus, peak this week.The Perseids are active from July 13th through August 26th, but they reach a spectacular crescendo during about a five-day window, centered on August 12th.

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This week in space: lots of NASA and Kepler, and a mysterious dimming star

Posted on 08/12 16:20 in Shows | 0

Over the next two years, NASA will work with six companies to produce prototypes for deep space habitats.Boeing is also working with NASA on the SLS, and Bigelow recently sent up the BEAM inflatable space hab module to the ISS.

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