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Here's hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U News

Posted on 06/23 13:21 in More | 0

Nintendo spent all day at E3 yesterday showcasing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.In order to earn a Spirit Orb from the monks who designed these challenges, players must overcome challenges or solve puzzles.

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The Division's Underground DLC will release June 28, says Amazon - Tom Clancy's The Division for Xbox One News

Posted on 06/23 13:23 in More | 0

The Division's first paid expansion, Underground, will release for Xbox One on June 28, with pre-load beginning three days earlier on June 25, a listing on Amazon has revealed.Ubisoft had previously said the content would launch this month.

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Has a glitch been ripping off FIFA Ultimate Team fans?

Posted on 06/30 10:48 in More | 0

People love jumping into their favorite teams with their beloved players, enjoying the beautiful game and competing against their friends.And ever since FIFA 09, one of the most popular modes has been Ultimate Team or FUT.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4 in October with new content and PlayStation VR support

Posted on 07/19 18:21 in More | 0

We told you earlier that Rise of the Rise of the Tomb Raider would finally be coming to the PlayStation 4 in October.It’s getting new story content and support for the PlayStation VR which will launch just two days later.

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Is Overwatch the Harbinger for the End of MOBAs?

Posted on 07/19 18:23 in More | 0

Is the Success of Overwatch just a one off, or are we finally beginning to see the decline of League of Legends and MOBA's as a whole?Last month it was reported by MonteCristo on Twitter that Overwatch had dethroned League of Legends from its top spot as the most played game within PC Bangs in South Korea.

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Multiplayer element confirmed for Telltale’s Batman - Batman – The Telltale Series for PS4 News

Posted on 08/05 12:25 in More | 0

Batman - The Telltale Series will feature a Crowd Play multiplayer mode in which in-game choices are made by the group of connected players, reports Shack News.The new multiplayer mode was showcased at Comic-Con over the weekend.

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Niantic removes legendary Pokémon from Pokémon GO cheaters

Posted on 08/05 12:27 in More | 0

If you’re still avidly following all the ins and outs of Pokémon GO, a surprise arrival in Ohio earlier this week might have piqued your interest.The alternative was that players were simply cheating (which is already rampant in the game), and it seems Niantic agree.

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Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star expansion detailed - Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 News

Posted on 08/23 03:22 in More | 0

This September's Death Star expansion for Star Wars Battlefront will feature an all new mode called Battle Station, EA and DICE has announced.In this unique new mode the action unfolds over three phases, each presenting players with a different objective.

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No Man's Sky's hyperdrive bug not affecting that many players, says Hello Games - No Man's Sky for PS4 News

Posted on 08/23 03:22 in More | 0

A blog from No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has addressed a number of "issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting".That said, we’re working quickly to adapt," says Murray.

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Testing Pokémon GO's New 'Nearby' Tracker That Just Killed The Game For Rural Players

Posted on 12/01 15:02 in Deals | 0

Four months after Niantic deactivated their disastrous tracking system that was online after the game’s launch, I’ve finally gotten my hands on the long-gestating replacement.While “Sightings” has served as a temporary stop-gap, this new system marks the fully-fledged return of “Nearby,” which is a more detailed way to track specific Pokémon by tying them to specific PokeStops.

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Is Pokémon GO's New Nearby Tracker The Result Of Marketing Deals Or Legal Issues?

Posted on 12/02 17:59 in Deals | 0

The central issue is that while the new system allows players to trek to specific PokeStops to find specific Pokémon, the new system has all but eliminated “Sightings,” which told players which wild Pokémon were around them.And in rural areas, players will only have one or two PokeStops in Nearby and nothing else.

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Destiny's 'The Dawning' Will Make The Game's Microtransactions Less Terrible

Posted on 12/05 16:53 in Deals | 0

The result, if you complete the objectives, is a fair bit of cosmetic racing gear without having to spend a cent.That’s great for F2P players who often feel left out in the cold during events like this.

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A Weird Way 'Pokémon GO' Could Absolutely Nail The Gen 2 Announcement

Posted on 12/07 19:05 in Deals | 0

It's the biggest thing to happen to the game since launch, but it could still spell trouble.I wrote yesterday about how releasing Gen 2 without the proper gameplay backup could be huge trouble for the game.

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'The Division' Is Free On PC This Weekend, But Ubisoft Should Unlock 'Survival' As Well

Posted on 12/15 17:52 in Deals | 0

Massive and Ubisoft have opened up The Division for a free weekend on PC, starting today and ending Sunday, the 18th.I will say, however, that I think Massive made a mistake by not allowing its two DLC offerings to be a part of this free weekend, Underground and Survival, with Survival especially having particular relevance to attracting new players.

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The 'Elite Dangerous' Alien Discovery Is One Of The Coolest Gaming Events I've Ever Seen

Posted on 01/06 16:21 in Deals | 0

For years, players have been searching for alien life in the game, but other than ruins and hints and references in past Elite games, nothing has turned up.That all changed yesterday as players have been getting pulled out of hyperspace (which should be impossible) and are coming face to face with giant, beautiful, terrifying alien ships.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Players Can't Stop Failing The Game's Global Missions

Posted on 01/11 16:57 in Deals | 0

Something sad but also kind of hilarious keeps happening with Pokémon Sun and Moon, as players try, and repeatedly fail to hit global goals set for them in the game by the developer.The challenges are called “Global Missions” where players are given a specific task to complete collectively in the game, and so far, Sun and Moon players are 0 for 2.

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Hearthstone Is In A Terrible State, But We May Finally Be Getting Answers

Posted on 01/12 22:50 in Deals | 0

Tomorrow at noon EST, Hearthstone director Ben Brode and game designer Dean Ayala will be hosting a Q&A livestream on the game's official Twitch channel.That's one of the lowest win rates for a "best deck" the game has seen in a long, long time.

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Nintendo Switch release date, price, games and what's in the box

Posted on 01/14 20:45 in More | 0

Whilst Nintendo UK doesn't set pricing for retailers, it did confirm that the price on its Nintendo Official UK Store is £279."Nintendo Switch is a brand-new kind of home gaming system that offers a wide variety of play modes," said Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

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Brainstorming online soccer ball control -

Posted on 01/14 21:01 in More | 0

I'm developing an online soccer MOBA where upwards of ten players will be jockeying for a soccer ball.This journal is a brain dump to help me get a handle on the mechanics of managing a soccer ball in an online soccer game using Unity3D and the Photon network engine.

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Codemasters is bringing back Micro Machines this April on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Posted on 01/21 14:21 in More | 0

Micro Machines World Series, a new entry in the hugely popular miniature vehicle racing game series, will be released this April at retail for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Codemasters and publisher Deep Silver have announced.Promising to deliver the same "manic social game play" of the classic series, World Series will also feature new HD visuals and game modes.

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