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This is the Police gets new story trailer featuring the voice of Duke Nukem - This is the Police for PC News

Posted on 09/26 17:12 in More | 0

PC gamers will get to experience police corruption of the highest level in this summer's This is the Police, a new moral choice strategy game from Weappy Studio and newly announced publishing partner EuroVideo Medien.After serving the Freeburg City Police Department for decades, the new Chief of Police Jack Boyd receives a letter from the mayor informing him that he's fired and has only 180 days left in power.

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Supreme Court grants FBI decentralized warrants, power to hack suspects anywhere

Posted on 12/09 12:15 in Shows | 0

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court passed a proposed change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules for Criminal Procedure, one of the main bodies of law that governs the powers and behavior of the FBI.The new version of Rule 41, approved on Thursday, removes the requirement in cases where the suspect’s location cannot be realistically obtained.

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The Dallas police robot killing is a big deal, but it’s not about tech

Posted on 07/09 14:57 in Shows | 0

But that debate ought to be separate from the one currently ongoing about the killing of a suspect in Dallas’ recent, tragic shootings of five police officers.The only real tech issue has to do with the ability of new technologies to fool people (both police officers and news anchors) into thinking that anything meaningful has changed.

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Authorities using cutting-edge voice recognition to profile fugitives

Posted on 08/19 22:42 in Shows | 0

Unfortunately, thousands of adults routinely place prank calls to the coast guard, police and other emergency service personnel, costing the public both in tax payer dollars and, not infrequently, human lives.When the coast guard finally succeeded in trailing down the perpetrator, his profile matched up almost perfectly with the one generated by the CMU researchers.

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