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Nintendo: What To Do If Your Switch Joy-Cons Won't Work (Avoid Aquariums, Everything Else)

Posted on 03/04 18:23 in Deals | 0

The Nintendo Switch is out, and with it come the hardware problems that accompany wide release.The company has released guidance on how to avoid problems with Joy-con communication that ranges from the totally straightforward to the somewhat problematic.

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Here Are The Biggest Problems Gamers Are Having With The Nintendo Switch

Posted on 03/06 18:38 in Deals | 0

I've had a mostly great time with the Switch as well, but plenty of users are reporting issues with their console.Below is a rundown of some of the biggest and most common problems users are facing.

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Nintendo: Joy-Con Syncing Problems Were A Manufacturing Defect

Posted on 03/22 21:30 in Deals | 0

Syncing issues concerning the left Joy-Con controller in living room mode have dogged the Nintendo Switch since launch, with users and reviewers alike reporting that frequent disconnection was causing significant gameplay problems.In my experience, I've certainly found it to be a big enough problem to significantly impact my experience.

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Piece of Foam Fixes Nintendo Switch Sync Issue

Posted on 03/22 23:00 in More | 0

We have already reported on the Nintendo's Joy-Con desync issue.As it turns out, the culprit behind breaking the Bluetooth connection between the console and its left Joy-Con controller is a hardware issue.

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Destiny 2 Needs to Wisen Up to Succeed Long Term

Posted on 04/01 22:02 in More | 0

So the question to ask is; what can Destiny 2 improve upon and do to avoid it having the same fate as its predecessor?Then with the release of Titanfall 2 back in October, it sold well below expectations -- now sure you can blame this on the monstrous release schedule from fall of last year, but how exactly can Destiny 2 also avoid this same fate?

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The Main Problem with Weapons in First Person Shooters

Posted on 04/02 16:00 in More | 0

Let’s pick on Battlefield 1 a little more as it’s one of the newest and best examples available.Mortars, explosives, grenades, pistols, and a wide variety of melee weapons ranging from knives to shovels are in their kits.

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The Mass Effect: Andromeda patch has gone live and fixed a lot of facial animations

Posted on 04/07 11:04 in More | 0

05 went live yesterday, and holy hell, what a difference some eye shading makes.There have also been improvements to some animations, which you can see in this direct comparison video from YouTuber YongYea (the Addison footage starts at 1.

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