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Spear-phishing attack hits high level execs with ransomware

Posted on 11/14 23:51 in Shows | 0

Their attack of choice encrypts all or some selection of a victim’s files, then charge the victim for the right to decrypt those files.Now, ransomware developers are turning to a much more sophisticated form of attack.

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Hospital pays ransomware, but doesn’t get files decrypted

Posted on 05/26 00:09 in Shows | 0

Rather than unlock the hospital’s files, they asked for more money.It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular internet user or the IT guy at a hospital, a ransomware infection has the same consequences.

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New Android ransomware targets smart TVs

Posted on 06/14 22:31 in Shows | 0

Now, a new version of the Frantic Locker (or FLocker) Android ransomware has started popping up that goes after more than your phone or tablet.The developer is constantly updating the package and adding support for new Android system changes.

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Australian police warn of ransomware USB drives showing up in mailboxes

Posted on 09/22 22:30 in Shows | 0

For most ExtremeTech readers this should almost go without saying, but if you find a mysterious USB drive in your mailbox, don’t plug it in.There are more dangerous things a criminal element could drop in your mailbox, but a malware infected USB drive isn’t good.

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Ransomware shuts down San Fran transit, but the hacker just got hacked

Posted on 11/30 19:13 in Shows | 0

This week, the San Fransisco transit system experienced the latest in a growing trend of “ransomware” attacks against important pieces of infrastructure.There is some good news, though: as reported by Forbes, it seems that the hacker has had his or her own email address infiltrated in retaliation.

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New ransomware offers to restore your files for free - if you infect two friends

Posted on 12/12 22:26 in Shows | 0

These pieces of malware encrypt your files and won’t unlock them unless you pay, but the new “Popcorn Time” ransomware offers an alternative: Just infect some friends and you get your files back free.There are various warnings about losing access to your files, and even a function that can delete your files completely if you enter the wrong decryption key four times.

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