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Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

Posted on 09/06 22:58 in Shows | 0

Those who have already purchased the Note 7 up to this point should work on getting it exchanged or refunded.According to Samsung, it has received 30-40 reports of Note 7 devices catching fire while charging.

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US safety agency: Stop using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Posted on 09/09 23:58 in Shows | 0

For the past few weeks, evidence has been mounting that all is not well with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.So far, Samsung has announced an exchange program, but not a formal device recall.

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Galaxy Note 7 fire injures child as Samsung amps up recall rhetoric

Posted on 09/12 21:11 in Shows | 0

On Saturday evening, a six-year-old child in Brooklyn NY was injured when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 he was using caught fire in his hands while he watched a video.The boy has been treated and released, implying that the injuries were relatively minor, but the incident underscores the problem Samsung faces.

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Samsung will reduce Galaxy Note 7’s battery capacity via automatic update

Posted on 09/14 21:42 in Shows | 0

For now, the over-the-air update will be confined to South Korea, where Samsung took out a front page ad in the Seoul Shinmun, a South Korean newspaper.The Android ecosystem is much more fragmented and no single company claims responsibility for pushing updates to consumers.

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Oculus disables Gear VR on the Galaxy Note 7 as Samsung kills the phone permanently

Posted on 10/11 23:36 in Shows | 0

It’s not clear how many Note 7 devices actually have a safety problem, but Samsung’s various partners are treating the situation extremely seriously.This is being treated across the internet as the effective death of the Note 7.

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Samsung offers Galaxy Note 7 owners $100 off on new Samsung device

Posted on 10/13 21:58 in Shows | 0

That’s the word from Reuters on the estimated losses from the Note 7’s cancellation, and Samsung is trying to defray some of that loss with a push to discount other Samsung devices.Disaffected Note 7 customers are being offered a $100 coupon to buy a different Samsung product.

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Samsung allegedly tried to bribe man not to talk about his exploding Galaxy Note 7

Posted on 10/19 14:16 in Shows | 0

As more information has surfaced about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the argument that the company acted swiftly and properly with its initial recall has wound up increasingly tarnished.There’s another wrinkle to the story, though — one that suggests Samsung’s marketing team was trying to squelch reporting on the problem while its engineers frantically tried to find the flaw.

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Samsung recalls 2.8 million 'explosive' washers due to injury risk

Posted on 11/04 21:46 in Shows | 0

Earlier this fall, we covered news that Samsung might have to recall several million top-loading washing machines due to injury risks associated with the company’s hardware.Now, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a major recall across 34 different types of washing machine, affecting an estimated 2.

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Apple says iPhone 6s battery failures are caused by 'ambient air' exposure

Posted on 12/06 20:27 in Shows | 0

Regardless of whether or not you like the iPhone, you have to admit Apple’s hardware has always been impeccably well designed.First was “touch disease,” which Apple refused to acknowledge for ages, and now there’s the unexpected shutdown issue.

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PDP Recalls Xbox One Controller Charger Due to Burn Hazard

Posted on 03/16 21:05 in More | 0

If you own a PDP Energizer 2x Smart Charger for your Xbox One controllers, you need to stop using it immediately.Third-party peripheral manufacturer PDP has issued a recall on one of its Xbox One controller chargers due to a burn hazard.

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