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Ninjas in Pyjamas get their first win in over a year

Posted on 03/10 14:42 in More | 0

This placed the pressure on the top teams as it was now anyone’s tournament split three ways between Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere and Virtus.The Grand Final promised to be a fantastic showcase of CS:GO, with Natus Vincere coming in as the clear favourites with odds of 78-22.

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ADIPAX - A new game genre (blend)? -

Posted on 04/15 21:26 in More | 0

I did have fun with one racing game, but the games that really stick were Elite, Civilization and Dune 2 on the Amiga.I like games that involve a lot of thinking, is what I'm saying.

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Silicon Valley's Latest Perk: A Golf Butler

Posted on 08/17 06:55 in Deals | 0

In Silicon Valley, where one-upmanship is practically a competitive sport, the latest brag is having your own golf butler.-designed 7,360-yard championship golf course with views to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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