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Hawking, Zuckerberg unveil $10B plan to reach Alpha Centauri in 20 years

Posted on 03/17 02:36 in Shows | 0

Back on Earth, we’d then aim a yet-to-exist super-laser at these sails and blast them out in the direction of Alpha Centauri, our closest stellar neighbor.2c the team estimate their sail probes could reach Alpha Centauri in just over 20 years.

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NASA has found the lost STEREO-B spacecraft after two years

Posted on 08/24 14:12 in Shows | 0

Over the weekend, the NASA team was able to make contact with the lost spacecraft, leading to hope that the mission could be back at full power in the not-too-distant future.The STEREO satellites are more properly known as Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 explodes on launch pad destroying Facebook communication satellite

Posted on 09/01 20:58 in Shows | 0

The spacecraft exploded while still on the launchpad in preparation for a launch this weekend at Cape Canaveral, Florida.According to SpaceX, the explosion took place during a fueling operation for pre-launch testing.

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NASA and NOAA launch most advanced weather satellite ever

Posted on 11/21 21:23 in Shows | 0

A new weather satellite is on its way into space, but it’s unlike any of the weather satellites we have right now.Launched over the weekend by NASA and NOAA, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R (GOES-R) is the first of a new fleet of weather-tracking satellites that could help scientists predict weather patterns further in advance and save lives.

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ESA satellite watches San Francisco's Millennium Tower sinking from space

Posted on 11/30 18:19 in Shows | 0

If anything, Millennium Tower appears to be sinking even faster.Some in San Francisco say you can see the minor tilt from a sufficient distance away, but that might be confirmation bias.

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Japanese spacecraft will test space junk collector on its way to the ISS

Posted on 12/14 17:47 in Shows | 0

This has led to a problem with accumulating space junk, which can be serious hazards for future space missions.Japan has launched the Kounotori 6 spacecraft on its way to the International Space Station, but this cargo vessel has a dual purpose.

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NOAA's new GOES-16 weather satellite sends back stunning first images

Posted on 01/23 21:41 in Shows | 0

NASA and NOAA launched a new weather satellite back in November of 2016 called GOES-R.The newest and most advanced weather satellite keeping watch over America is GOES-16.

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NASA revamps site for EPIC photos of Earth from space

Posted on 02/06 13:38 in Shows | 0

NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) camera can, though.It sends back thousands of amazing photos every year, and now you can peruse them more easily with the new website.

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India sets world record with 104 satellites in a single rocket launch

Posted on 02/15 20:09 in Shows | 0

It successfully launched 104 satellites into space with a single rocket.The launch was carried out with a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), an expendable launch system developed by India specifically to get multiple satellites into orbit in a single rocket.

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Planet Explorer's constellation of tiny satellites shows how Earth's surface changes over time

Posted on 03/16 19:57 in Shows | 0

To do that, Planet needs quite a constellation of satellites.Using Planet Explorer Beta, you can scroll through and see how areas of land have changed over the last twelve months, in monthly snapshots.

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SpaceX's latest satellite mission may be its last non-reusable launch

Posted on 03/17 16:36 in Shows | 0

Because of the difficulty in launching this satellite, SpaceX didn’t try to recover the first stage.Future payloads of this nature will go up on the improved Falcon 9 Block 5 or the untested Falcon Heavy rocket.

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SpaceX set to actually reuse one of its reusable rockets

Posted on 03/25 00:03 in Shows | 0

The rocket prepped for flight is the second one recovered (the first came down on land, which is far easier).Not only that, it was the very first rocket that was successfully landed on the drone ship.

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