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Savage Resurrection hits Steam early access

Posted on 05/22 03:37 in More | 0

The official reboot of the Savage series arrives with a new competitive focus.But unlike other shooters, Savage Resurrection is multiplayer only, and was built from the ground up with a competitive focus in mind.

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January 25th Valiant Previews: Stalinverse, Bloodshot, and Savage

Posted on 01/23 19:08 in More | 0

It’s another big week for Valiant Comics, with Stalinverse #2, Savage #3, and Bloodshot U.) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (Divinity II) will lead Valiant’s event-level epic to the architect behind this new world order!

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Valiant loads April up with X-O Manowar, Britannia and tons more

Posted on 01/25 22:00 in More | 0

It’s going to be a big April for Valiant Comics, with returning favorites, ongoings, and trade paperbacks.If you’re a Valiant fan, then you’re going to LOVE what the publisher has going on in April.

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Savage (Comic) #3(of 4) Review

Posted on 01/28 19:26 in More | 0

The third installment in the Savage miniseries from Valiant goes a long way to answer questions from the first two issues of the comic, but it also seems to go out of its way to pose more than it answers.The book is mostly convincing in the reality it presents, even though it is not needed thoroughly in a comic book.

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Brutally Honest Podcast 14: This is Fine!

Posted on 01/30 17:16 in More | 0

We have a full show this week!Erich, Rick, Jason, Nadia, Callum and Dylan discuss trailers for new games such as the Immortal Redneck trailer, Prey, Mass Effect, and more!

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February 15th Valiant previews: Savage and Gen Zero

Posted on 02/10 22:01 in More | 0

Out of the jungle, into the fight… When all hope seems lost, the final threads tethering the Sauvage family to their humanity will finally be severed.Just as the beasts within begin to take hold, the final revelation about the prehistoric island that has claimed them will finally stand revealed.

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The Most Savage Kills in For Honor

Posted on 02/17 14:23 in More | 0

Clean tactics, dirty tactics, honorable tactics -- all are allowed in For Honor.While Overwatch has its PotG (play of the game), For Honor players get to show off some merciless and downright savage kills.

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Savage #4 (Comic) Review

Posted on 02/20 17:17 in More | 0

Through the four book run, the characters developed through strong use of flashbacks.and each book managed to bring something new to the world of Savage.

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X-O Manowar (2017) (Comic) #1 Review

Posted on 02/27 21:23 in More | 0

After the events of last years X-O Manowar #50, Manowar is back in an intense new book, which looks like it will only escalate from here.With the peaceful ending to the last major Manowar arc, the question of where the same character could go hung in the air.

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Brutally Honest Podcast 17: Heroes, Tattoos, and Toy Fair 2017

Posted on 02/28 21:59 in More | 0

Erich, Rick, Dylan, Jason and Nadia got together to talk about a bunch of wacky gaming news!Rick is pretty excited about 88 Heroes, and Erich talks Ouija and Savage.

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