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Despite What You May Have Heard, Licking Frogs Does Not Cure the Flu

Posted on 04/27 19:31 in Shows | 0

The skin microbiome of certain amphibians could help us figure out how to curb the fungal epidemic called chytridiomycosis that threatens tropical frogs.The chemical is a host-defense peptide that the researchers named urumin, and it’s produced by a common South Indian frog, Hydrophylax bahuvistara.

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Study: Humans Arrived in North America 100,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Posted on 04/27 22:10 in Shows | 0

Conventional wisdom holds that the first humans arrived in North America at most 25,000 years ago.A team of researchers suggests that humans of some sort existed in North America some 130,000 years ago.

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Cassini's First Grand Finale Images of Saturn Are In, and They're Stunning

Posted on 04/28 21:11 in Shows | 0

The first images from the Grand Finale have been sent back to NASA, and they’re stunning.The first unprocessed images were received right on time, and now we’ve got a number of really impressive shots to drool over.

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This Week in Space: Cassini, the James Webb Space Telescope, and Bricks

Posted on 04/29 16:15 in Shows | 0

NASA finally unfurled the James Webb Space Telescope!There, mission techs and scientists will test and calibrate the telescope’s instruments.

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