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Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, has passed away

Posted on 01/17 23:44 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Day, the last man to set foot on the moon passed away.In addition to being the last man to walk on the moon, Cernan has the distinction of being one of only three people to travel to the moon twice.

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What is the Fermi Paradox?

Posted on 01/18 19:32 in Shows | 0

The so-called Fermi Paradox comes up whenever we talk about the search for life outside our solar system, but what does the Fermi Paradox say about our place in the universe?It includes factors for the number of stars, the probability of habitable planet formation, the development of intelligent life, and so on.

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NASA and NOAA confirm 2016 was the warmest year on record

Posted on 01/18 22:12 in Shows | 0

This is the conclusion arrived at by both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).Yes, last year… and the year before that.

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6 upcoming space missions worth keeping an eye on

Posted on 01/20 15:45 in Shows | 0

These are six of the most important upcoming missions that will get us there.We’ve been talking a lot about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) lately — NASA has completed construction of the hardware, and is currently testing it on the ground.

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