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NASA completes construction of the James Webb Space Telescope

Posted on 11/03 14:31 in Shows | 0

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) comes up a lot when we talk about the very boundaries of our understanding of the cosmos.For more than a quarter century, the Hubble Space Telescope has been our best window to the wider universe, but it can only do so much.

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NASA and FEMA hold exercise to simulate unavoidable asteroid impact

Posted on 11/07 23:29 in Shows | 0

Technology gives us a shot at stopping the worst-case scenario, something that experts from NASA and FEMA recently got together to simulate.The exercise included representatives from NASA, FEMA, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories, the US Air Force, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

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The Air Force's X-37B space plane could become an astronaut ambulance

Posted on 11/08 22:48 in Shows | 0

” The best archetype for that design might be the mysterious Air Force X-37B space plane.They might be gentler, but the best way to transport an injured astronaut would be with a space plane.

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Scientists create new fluorescent protein to monitor the cell cycle

Posted on 11/09 23:31 in Shows | 0

A new technique from Stanford (PDF) allows the cell cycle to be observed with more precision than ever before.There are four phases in the standard cell cycle: rest (G1), synthesis (S), rest (G2), and mitosis (M).

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Researchers develop 'breathalyzer' that can detect diabetes

Posted on 11/11 16:29 in Shows | 0

Breathalyzers to detect alcohol intoxication have existed for years, as the relationship between blood-alcohol content and alcohol in the breath is well understood.A team of researchers from Oxford University have succeeded in building a device that can flag patients as diabetic without the need for a blood test.

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DARPA tests network of 1,000 handheld radiation detectors in Washington

Posted on 11/14 14:23 in Shows | 0

As the first large-scale test of the SIGMA program, DARPA put together a mock kidnapping adventure game.Participants in the exercise were each given a backpack with a small SIGMA radiation detector.

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SpectroDrone system uses lasers to detect explosives from afar

Posted on 11/16 16:48 in Shows | 0

They can aid in construction, explore nuclear disaster sites, and even detect explosives and other dangerous materials.Now, a company called Laser Detect Systems is taking that mission to the air.

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Scientists push for 2020 launch of asteroid deflection test

Posted on 11/16 20:26 in Shows | 0

The joint European-US Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) is still in the planning stages, but it could launch in 2020.On the European side is the Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM).

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Stephen Hawking warns humanity may only have 1,000 years left

Posted on 11/18 13:43 in Shows | 0

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has spent his life pondering big questions about the wider universe.In recent years, he’s turned his attention closer to home, talking about AI, climate change, alien invasion, and other threats to the future of humanity.

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Research ethics board halts zombie apocalypse ahead of time

Posted on 11/21 20:28 in Shows | 0

While the zombie apocalypse is a fun topic for speculation, comparatively few people actually believe that it could happen.Jokey comments aside, a planned research trial to reanimate “living cadavers” has been halted by the Indian research ethics board, amid a cloud of fatal problems with the study.

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NASA and NOAA launch most advanced weather satellite ever

Posted on 11/21 21:23 in Shows | 0

A new weather satellite is on its way into space, but it’s unlike any of the weather satellites we have right now.Launched over the weekend by NASA and NOAA, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R (GOES-R) is the first of a new fleet of weather-tracking satellites that could help scientists predict weather patterns further in advance and save lives.

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Top holiday gift picks for hard-core science geeks in 2016

Posted on 11/23 19:18 in Shows | 0

For this year’s winter holiday season, put a sparkle in your favorite STEM enthusiast’s eye with one of these science-minded picks.Unlike a French press, too, this rig can make coffee just as fast as you can pour water through the grounds.

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Take it from a Canadian: Science in America is headed for dark, dark days

Posted on 11/24 16:01 in Shows | 0

This week, we saw the first of what will surely be many headlines pitting the incoming Trump administration against the outgoing principles of science in government research.One of the President-elect’s key advisers has informed the media that NASA’s climate research division will be dramatically defunded.

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Homeopathic solutions now have to be labeled to disclose that there's no science behind them

Posted on 11/29 18:52 in Shows | 0

Their latest comments contend (PDF) that the standard disclaimer isn’t enough to dissuade consumers from buying this crap, so now not only do homeopathic products have to carry the standard disclaimer, they also have to say there’s no science behind them.To paraphrase Tim Minchin’s memorable, NSFW rant on alternative medicine, Storm, without fail or exception every kind of alternative medicine has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work.

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MDMA rolls onto the psychotherapy scene as FDA greenlights Phase III clinical trial

Posted on 12/01 23:34 in Shows | 0

And it’s true that the brain changes in response to drug use.In light of what we know, the FDA has just made a controversial decision to greenlight a Phase III clinical trial, using MDMA to treat PTSD.

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This week in space: The future of NASA, the ESA diagnosed its Mars probe failure, and setbacks while resupplying the ISS

Posted on 12/02 16:42 in Shows | 0

A Russian Progress spacecraft was lost six minutes into its resupply flight to the ISS on Thursday.But the ISS crew is all fine, they’re not out of supplies, and there’s another resupply flight scheduled for next week.

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Want a Death Star? That'll be $7.7 octillion per day

Posted on 12/05 15:42 in Shows | 0

British energy supplier Ovo Energy decided to pull together all the available data on the Death Star and estimate how much it would cost to power.To be accurate, this analysis is not estimating what it would cost the Galactic Empire of Star Wars to power the Death Star.

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The 25 best Hubble Space Telescope images

Posted on 12/05 16:37 in Shows | 0

The Hubble Space Telescope has been silently hovering above Earth for over 25 years, but it’s still returning spectacular images of the cosmos.Most of the famous Hubble images were taken with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2), and the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).

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SpaceX loses major contract as launch schedule slips to 2017

Posted on 12/08 21:50 in Shows | 0

It has been just over three months since a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launchpad, taking its Facebook satellite payload along with it.The Inmarsat S-band satellite was scheduled to go up on a Falcon 9 launched from Cape Canaveral early in 2017.

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Baby dinosaur tail found preserved in amber, complete with feathers

Posted on 12/09 15:43 in Shows | 0

We started with “dinosaurs were like big scaly lizards,” progressed to “dinosaurs probably had feathers,” and now we’re arrived at “here are some actual dinosaur feathers.” A piece of amber discovered at a market in Myanmar has been confirmed to contain a baby dinosaur tail, which is covered with dense feathers.

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