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Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably let you change the navigation button order

Posted on 02/28 23:59 in Shows | 0

Well, or a phone that’s trying really hard to look like a Samsung phone.Starting with the Galaxy S3, Samsung standardized its button design with a large physical home button and two backlit capacitive navigation keys below the screen.

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Everything you need to know about the Android O developer preview

Posted on 03/21 21:49 in Shows | 0

However, the feature set is out in the open with the release of a developer preview build for recent Google devices.How, Android O brings PiP to all phones and tablets.

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New Snapdragon 835 tests show Qualcomm's latest SoC doesn't beat the 821 in every scenario

Posted on 03/23 21:30 in Shows | 0

The new Snapdragon 835 uses a CPU core that Qualcomm calls the Kryo 280, but that chip isn’t based on its prior Kryo CPU at all.The new Built On ARM Cortex Technology license allows companies to make more significant deviations from ARM’s base plans without having to build entirely custom chips.

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Android founder's new smartphone teased, lacks corners and bezel

Posted on 03/28 22:25 in Shows | 0

Anyone who follows Android news knows Andy Rubin as the man who founded Android.The company has been toiling in secret since its inception, but Rubin teased its first phone the other day.

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Samsung launches the Galaxy S8, S8+: Hardware specs and features inside

Posted on 03/29 21:19 in Shows | 0

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a 5.DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, told the audience “The Galaxy S8 is our testament to regaining your trust by redefining what’s possible in safety.

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The 6 most interesting features of the Galaxy S8

Posted on 03/29 23:10 in Shows | 0

The leaks were solid this year — the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have curved displays with rounded corners, and essentially no bezel.Here are the six most interesting features of the Galaxy S8.

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Android surpasses Windows as the most-used operating system worldwide

Posted on 04/03 20:39 in Shows | 0

It was just a few weeks ago when web analytics firm StatCounter predicted Android would overtake Windows as the most popular operating system online.The latest numbers from StatCounter show Android with a narrow lead over Windows.

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Samsung's Tizen OS may be overrun with security flaws

Posted on 04/03 23:22 in Shows | 0

However, a new report claims that Samsung’s Tizen OS is riddled with serious security flaws.He claims to have found 40 previously unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in Tizen, and these aren’t just any bugs.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 owners claim phone ships with a red-tinted display

Posted on 04/18 21:30 in Shows | 0

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally launched in select markets after a seemingly endless string of leaks.A number of users have reported a markedly red tint to the display on Samsung’s latest phone.

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Report: Apple prepping three iPhones for launch, including major 10th Anniversary iPhone

Posted on 04/19 13:37 in Shows | 0

Ever since the iPhone 7 debuted, there’s been talk about what might be ahead for Apple in 2017.Rumors have been buzzing about what Apple might offer in a 10th Anniversary device, from curved screens to OLED displays.

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Why Smartphone Speed Tests Don't Tell You What You Think They Do

Posted on 04/25 14:03 in Shows | 0

These arguments aren’t going to stop happening, but the new phenomenon of speed test videos isn’t adding much to the conversation for several reasons.There are videos, like the one below, that pit the GS8 against the iPhone in what would appear at first to be a useful comparison.

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While No One Was Looking, BlackBerry Built a Damn Good Phone

Posted on 05/09 16:53 in Shows | 0

Over the past seven years, BlackBerry’s market share has slipped away, lost to Apple and Android.Nothing stuck, including the company’s first attempt to combine a hardware keyboard and the Android operating system, the BlackBerry Priv.

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