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Samsung Revamps Battery Testing Ahead of Note 8 Launch

Posted on 08/04 21:02 in Shows | 0

Now, Samsung is gearing up for the Note 8 launch, and it’s seeking to assuage fears of a repeat by detailing its revamped testing process.Several months ago, Samsung began work with MIT Technology Review to produce a whitepaper (PDF) that describes how it tests batteries.

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 Active Is Uglier, but More Durable

Posted on 08/07 20:57 in Shows | 0

The Galaxy S8 has a reputation for being a rather fragile phone, but the newly announced Galaxy S8 Active should offer a bit more durability.Thus, the Galaxy S8 Active has a flat 1440p AMOLED display with slightly larger bezels.

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Essential Phone Production Has Started, Launches Next Week

Posted on 08/11 17:58 in Shows | 0

Now, Rubin is heading up an effort to build new phones at his new company, Essential.The long-teased Essential Phone PH-1 was unveiled at the end of May, and at that time Rubin said the device would be in our hands inside of a month.

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LG Adds FM Radio Support in Current, Future Phones

Posted on 08/11 22:30 in Shows | 0

It can be difficult for other companies to stand out in the US, but LG may have hit on an interesting way to do so, by offering free FM radio on its phones.A list of devices that support FM Mode is available at NextRadio’s website.

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Qualcomm Develops Active Depth-Sensing Camera for Android Phones

Posted on 08/17 00:34 in Shows | 0

Future Android phones could come equipped with some fancy new camera features thanks to technology being developed by Qualcomm.An updated version of Qualcomm’s image signal processor (ISP) will allow for advanced camera features like active depth sensing.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unveiled with 6.3-inch AMOLED and Dual Cameras

Posted on 08/23 20:41 in Shows | 0

The Galaxy Note 8 is basically a scaled up version of the Galaxy S8 Plus with the addition of a stylus and a dual camera array.That’s a larger version of the setup we saw on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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Google May Snap Up HTC's Phone Business

Posted on 09/08 16:02 in Shows | 0

Long term, the Android developer could find another company to work with, should an HTC deal fall through.For HTC, that’s an accomplishment; the company’s year-on-year comparable revenue fell 28 percent in January, 18 percent in April, and 32 percent in May.

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Apple's Anniversary iPhone X Faces 'Severe Short Supply'

Posted on 09/11 23:05 in Shows | 0

However, we believe these shipment delays will have a limited impact on the shares of Apple and its supply chain members.Fewer than 10,000 units per day would mean Apple’s best-case quarterly production of the iPhone X at well below one million units per quarter.

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Google Teases October 4th Pixel 2 Unveiling

Posted on 09/14 19:41 in Shows | 0

That couldn’t get any more obvious unless Google just came out and said it was the Pixel 2.The ad above offers a few clues as to what Google’s story for the Pixel 2 will be.

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Apple Quietly Increases Cost of iPhone Screen Repairs

Posted on 09/19 16:08 in Shows | 0

All the company’s phones from the last few years will now cost you $20 extra if you need a screen replacement.For the smaller iPhone 6s and 7, a screen replacement runs you $149, up from $129 a few weeks ago.

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Review Roundup: Great Phones No One Thinks You Should Buy

Posted on 09/19 22:46 in Shows | 0

The Verge’s review headline refers to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as “The default option,” and notes “If you know what an iPhone is and you want one, then the iPhone 8 is exactly that, one tick farther down the line.The funny thing is, everyone pretty much agrees the iPhone 8 is a great phone.

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You Can't Completely Disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth From iOS 11's Control Center

Posted on 09/21 17:18 in Shows | 0

Starting with iOS 11, disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Center will not shut them off.The iOS Control Center is a menu that appears when you swipe upwards from the bottom-center of the device.

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