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CyanogenMod successor Lineage OS is now available for download

Posted on 01/24 21:06 in Shows | 0

Say hello to its successor, Lineage OS.The infrastructure and the CyanogenMod name are owned by Cyanogen Inc, which left the open source contributors with a dilemma.

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Full details, photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 just leaked

Posted on 01/27 15:51 in Shows | 0

It’s never easy keeping a lid on the various details of a smartphone, but some companies try much harder than others.The two devices are codenamed “Dream” and “Dream 2” and both sport QHD Super AMOLED screens, according to the Guardian.

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10 best Android apps for power users

Posted on 01/30 16:10 in Shows | 0

With the right apps you can may your phone faster and better.You can also start making changes to customize the device to your liking and really get into the nitty gritty of customizing.

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Samsung's Note 7 recycling center catches fire, company blames faulty batteries

Posted on 02/09 15:34 in Shows | 0

On Wednesday, 19 fire engines and 110 firemen reported to a fire at Samsung SDI’s Chinese manufacturing facility in Tianjin.There’s no indication that it was actually Note 7 batteries, specifically, that caused the failure — but the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin fire department had a rather different explanation for what had happened.

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Nokia is resurrecting the iconic 3310 phone

Posted on 02/14 20:45 in Shows | 0

For over a decade, Nokia dominated the smartphone and feature phone markets — and one of the devices that cemented its position as an early leader in the cell phone industry was the Nokia 3310.At first glance, the Nokia 3310 doesn’t look like the kind of device anyone would care about in 2017.

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HTC announces another big loss, plans to ditch cheap phones

Posted on 02/16 13:34 in Shows | 0

After lagging sales and a loss of direction, HTC says it’s going to drop the cheap phones from its 2017 lineup.In the final quarter of last year, HTC took in NT$22.

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Bipartisan bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingray cell tracker

Posted on 02/17 13:56 in Shows | 0

A rare alliance of Democratic and Republican members of the US Congress could lead to increased restrictions on how police officers can deploy so-called Stingray cell phone trackers.This bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingrays.

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New leak points to release dates for Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6

Posted on 02/24 15:46 in Shows | 0

Hometown South Korean rivals Samsung and LG have been duking it out in recent years with near-simultaneous releases, but this time LG may have a few weeks all to itself.A leak from ETNews claims to have release dates for the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably let you change the navigation button order

Posted on 02/28 23:59 in Shows | 0

Well, or a phone that’s trying really hard to look like a Samsung phone.Starting with the Galaxy S3, Samsung standardized its button design with a large physical home button and two backlit capacitive navigation keys below the screen.

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Everything you need to know about the Android O developer preview

Posted on 03/21 21:49 in Shows | 0

However, the feature set is out in the open with the release of a developer preview build for recent Google devices.How, Android O brings PiP to all phones and tablets.

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New Snapdragon 835 tests show Qualcomm's latest SoC doesn't beat the 821 in every scenario

Posted on 03/23 21:30 in Shows | 0

The new Snapdragon 835 uses a CPU core that Qualcomm calls the Kryo 280, but that chip isn’t based on its prior Kryo CPU at all.The new Built On ARM Cortex Technology license allows companies to make more significant deviations from ARM’s base plans without having to build entirely custom chips.

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Android founder's new smartphone teased, lacks corners and bezel

Posted on 03/28 22:25 in Shows | 0

Anyone who follows Android news knows Andy Rubin as the man who founded Android.The company has been toiling in secret since its inception, but Rubin teased its first phone the other day.

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