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Community Request: Matty plays Sophie's Curse

Posted on 04/04 14:05 in More | 0

Remember that one time I was asked to play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4?I recovered thankfully, mostly because I genuinely believed that content of that nature would be a once off affair.

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The No-OOP back to basics experiment

Posted on 11/30 12:10 in More | 0

You'll scour the internet and you find all sorts of patterns and paradigms, you'll love them and start applying them everywhere.If they don't fit the problem, you'll make it fit god damn it, silver bullets everywhere.

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Block Transfers, Buffers, and Audio

Posted on 06/16 16:41 in More | 0

Waiting for Visual Studio to update, so I thought I’d write something.I solved a similar problem at work and in my audio synthesizer.

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A fellow game developer died

Posted on 05/12 12:07 in More | 0

I'm close friends with the fellow game dev team upstairs on the 14th floor.Then you've got the game project.

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EA is releasing a new IP next year -

Posted on 05/12 12:11 in More | 0

The new game was teased during EA's Q4 earnings call last night, where Jorgensen revealed that we'll likely see something on it "soon", possibly during the publisher's EA Play event next month."We haven't yet announced it, but it's something that you'll see probably coming up soon.

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Sony hopes PlayStation Neo's better graphics will stop PS4 users jumping to PC -

Posted on 06/23 13:14 in More | 0

One of the key reasons behind Sony's decision to launch PS4 Neo is to try and prevent high-end users from abandoning PlayStation and heading to PC where "the finest graphical performance" is available, PlayStation boss Andrew House has said."We did think there was an opportunity to reflect on the traditional lifecycle, and on 4K technology, and say maybe there's an opportunity, within the course of a normal lifecycle to offer something else, something a little bit better, for a segment of the market that feels that this is important," explained House to The Guardian.

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Resident Evil 7 marketers give fans the finger -

Posted on 06/23 13:21 in More | 0

Now, Resident Evil 7 players are struggling with perhaps an even bigger question: namely, what the fuck does this finger do?A 'good ending', perhaps, or a way to make a dismembered mannequin finger, which appears to have no use, 'work'.

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Cave Is Planning On Releasing A VR Game Where You Play As A Giant Robotic Schoolgirl

Posted on 12/21 19:00 in Deals | 0

The Japanese developer Cave has revealed that it has a new virtual reality, or VR, game in the works for release next year and it looks pretty crazy.I am Monster, it has you play as a gigantic robotic schoolgirl as you lay waste to an entire city.

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Increasing ET accuracy in fix-your-timestep -

Posted on 02/03 19:45 in More | 0

Increasing ET accuracy in fix-your-timestep The typical implementation of fix-your-timestep looks something like this: while!quitgame{start_timerrenderET = elapsed_timeprocess_inputupdate_all(ET)} But to run physics at a constant speed, what you really want is the elapsed time since beginning of the last update - not just the time spent rendering.

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Hi, long time no see, bringing project to light -

Posted on 02/27 21:21 in More | 0

9% of you), I am a professional game developer that was fairly active here around three years ago.I am developing this in my little spare time, not much, between full time job and college.

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One of the final hurdles -

Posted on 03/01 00:08 in More | 0

Due to the game being on a mobile device, it is even more important, and I recently got faced with a segmentation fault error.This usually happens when something is trying to access a piece of memory it isn't allowed to.

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Yasuo Ohtagaki On Creating The Jazz Infused Retro Future Of 'Gundam Thunderbolt'

Posted on 03/12 17:01 in Deals | 0

Set as a sidestory to the main conflict, Gundam Thunderbolt is a fascinating and very different approach to the saga.Considering the huge success of Gundam Thunderbolt, I was curious as to how Ohtagaki had gotten into making manga in the first place.

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Yoshiyuki Tomino On 'Gundam', Newtypes And The Perilous Future Facing Humanity

Posted on 03/13 17:00 in Deals | 0

“In terms of describing this idea in subsequent Gundam series, I wasn’t able to do that either.I don't think that the later Gundam series were able to adequately show what that might be.

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Something About 'Everything': A Conversation With David OReilly

Posted on 03/27 09:17 in Deals | 0

“I’m going crazy,” David OReilly jokingly begins, excited and breathless on the other end of the line.With a supposed $200-300K budget, David says he self-funded the project—with his life savings, no less—over a five-year development span, an endeavor that became full-time over the last three years.

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Bayonetta announcement could be coming soon

Posted on 04/04 10:51 in More | 0

Sega has a countdown timer on their site that looks set to unveil something special in just over a week and Polygon is reporting that it may be Bayonetta-related.At the weekend Sega's April Fool's Day joke involved an 8-bit version of Bayonetta on Steam that contained a link to the aforementioned countdown timer which has the potential to be something much more newsworthy than an old-school 2D brawler.

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'Overwatch' Is Teasing A New Mystery That Almost Certainly Isn't A Hero Reveal

Posted on 04/04 16:32 in Deals | 0

But it was legit, and pointed to a now-heavily retweeted video posted on the official Overwatch account, one teasing that…something is coming a week from today.We just saw the release of a new character, Orissa, so I don’t think that’s the case.

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Bandai Namco files Pac-Man Maker trademark

Posted on 04/19 16:00 in More | 0

Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for something called Pac-Man Maker in Europe, reports Destructoid.Speculation has lead most to thinking this is Namco's stab at something similar to Nintendo's Super Mario Maker where you can create your own Pac-Man courses, but that's all conjecture at this point.

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Developer's Log, star date 3479347646 -

Posted on 05/01 22:02 in More | 0

I thought I'd do something a bit more 'normal' for once and just make an entry about where I am in the development process.I may do this more in the future, since this actually seems to be a place where people read what I write.

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Indie game Prey for the Gods has put an 'A' in it's name to avoid lawsuit over Bethesda's Prey

Posted on 05/05 09:29 in More | 0

Prey for the Gods, an indie game that found life on Kickstarter and is estimated to release later this year,  is now Praey for the Gods.It was, apparently, too close to 'Prey'.

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