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Your next car’s backup camera could detect moving and stationary hazards

Posted on 03/12 02:36 in Shows | 0

Your next car’s backup camera could automatically warn you of hazards: children or pets behind the car, other vehicles, even walls or dumpsters you might not see, especially in the dark.The technology is called reverse pedestrian detection.

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Relax: self-driving cars won’t kill you (and they’re not really self-driving, yet)

Posted on 07/07 16:18 in Shows | 0

The principal driver assist technologies today are adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure warning, and blind spot detection.) Each automaker sets a threshold beyond which lane keep assist won’t track; the car and sensors may be capable of more.

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With MIT’s new imaging tech, now you can judge a book right through the cover

Posted on 09/14 19:54 in Shows | 0

Ten years ago, MIT researchers demonstrated they could use terahertz imaging to read a letter inside a sealed FedEx envelope.It starts out using terahertz radiation, which is a band of EM radiation that has lower energy and longer wavelength than the visible and IR bands.

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New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart died as a castaway on a desert island

Posted on 11/02 15:15 in Shows | 0

But — and this is critical — these skeleton measurements are the merest tip of the iceberg as far as the evidence TIGHAR has encountered.After a review of the evidence TIGHAR has found to date, I personally find the Nikumaroro hypothesis extremely credible.

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