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The Banner Saga 3 Has Been Fully Funded - New Stretch Goal Announced

Posted on 02/01 12:26 in More | 0

Following the announcement that The Banner Saga 3 would be Kickstarted, Stoic have confirmed that it is now fully funded -- less than 7 days after the original campaign began.Offering his thanks to the backers, Watson said: “We’re thrilled to have funded the Kickstarter in less than a week.

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Get your first look at Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Posted on 02/11 00:02 in More | 0

Yes, another Warhammer 40k game, but this one’s a little more turn-based.Fresh from the far reaches of space and the abyss of the infinite void, comes this new title set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

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Guild Quest Preview - A Welcoming Change For Idling Games

Posted on 03/10 14:02 in More | 0

Over recent years "clicker" titles have become increasing over saturating on the F2P titles on Steam and one mechanic that comes with them all is idling.Thankfully, however, indie developer Hyper Hippo Games have taken the idling mechanic and created a whole new and unique experience around it with their Early Access strategic casual title Guild Quest.

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Guild Quest Forge Recipes Guide

Posted on 03/10 21:41 in More | 0

With the forge, you can use all your duplicate cards that you have collected through boss chests and turn them into more useful and higher grade cards.Common will be "C", Uncommon "U" and Rare "R".

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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Might Be the Best Film-Based Game You'll Ever Play

Posted on 03/13 19:31 in More | 0

At PAX East this weekend, Big Star Games, in conjunction with Lionsgate, announced Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days -- a top-down shooter for PC and Xbox One.Feeling a lot like Hotline Miami, without aping Devolver’s 2012 release, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days isn’t as fast paced as that title.

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Gwent Challenger Tournament Announced

Posted on 03/17 21:39 in More | 0

A new tournament for the Witcher Card Game, Gwent was announced.The tournament will put the four best players against professional gamers Trump (Jeffrey Shih), Lifecoach (Adrian Koy), Noxious (Kacem Khilaji) and ppd (Peter Dager).

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Has-Been Heroes Guide: Understanding Combat and Your First Heroes

Posted on 03/29 11:38 in More | 0

What can easily be seen as a shallow rouguelike adventure, Has-Been Heroes, is actually far deeper, and thinking otherwise will see you fail time and time again.In reality, Frozenbyte's latest adventure secretly hides deep strategy and gameplay secrets that can help you better navigate the game's randomly generated maps.

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Retrowatch: KKND2: Krossfire - One of the Best RTS of the 90s

Posted on 04/08 21:53 in More | 0

This week we take a trip down the RTS retro road with KKND2: Krossfire.While most RTS games allow for a more passive-aggressive or defensive playstyle to some degree, KKND2 doesn't.

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8 Star Wars Expanded Universe Novels That Should Be Cannonized by Video Games

Posted on 04/24 20:04 in More | 0

With Star Wars officially canonizing expanded universe characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Revan, there are still some novels who deserve recognition in cannon gaming.Nothing says classic Star Wars novels like Vector Prime.

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Strategies for Getting Started in Krosmaga, the Epic Strategy Card Game

Posted on 04/25 11:37 in More | 0

The goal of the game is to destroy two of your enemies Dofus'.There are three types of cards in the game: minion, spell and infinite.

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9 Best Strategy Card Games on Steam that Aren't Krosmaga

Posted on 04/25 14:05 in More | 0

Krosmaga is a free to play strategy card game on Steam.Faeria is a combination board and card game available for free on Steam and iOS.

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Dawn of Andromeda Gets Its Full Release This May

Posted on 04/25 18:00 in More | 0

GreyWolf Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive have announced that their new Steam game, Dawn of Andromeda, will be getting a full release on May 4.An indie 4X strategy game, Dawn of Andromeda take players to the vast Andromeda galaxy, where novel and exotic species live as civilians, outlaws, and pirates.

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Phoenix Point is the New Turn-Based Tactics Games from X-COM Creator Julian Gollop

Posted on 04/25 21:37 in More | 0

The newest turn-based tactics game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop is Phoenix Point, and it's now crowdfunding on Fig.British game designer Julian Gollop has worked on many games over the years, but none are as popular as X-COM.

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