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Total War Warhammer Tops Half a Million Sales on Steam

Posted on 05/28 20:04 in More | 0

As a long time fan of the Warhammer franchise and the Total War franchise, it doesn't surprise me that the blending of the two has made a huge splash in the gaming community.A splash that, according to Creative Assembly, was to the tune of half a million sales in the first few days -- surpassing any other in the Total War franchise history.

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Total Warhammering My Bank Account

Posted on 06/08 18:08 in More | 0

For the past 16 years the Total War series has been my mainline supplier of semi-historically accurate, army-wrecking goodness.Creative Assembly makes Total War and Total War equals historical strategy.

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Marvel games business will only work with the "best game companies on earth" - Spider-Man (PS4) for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:13 in More | 0

biz.We wanted to work very selectively with companies that shared our vision, our ambition, and really usher in a brand new era for the Marvel games business.

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Pick up Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak for 50% off on Steam this week

Posted on 06/30 10:42 in More | 0

Whether you are a fan of the original Homeworld or a newcomer, getting this title at half off is a great deal Gearbox Software's latest game -- Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is on sale for 50% off on Steam.It's all part of the Steam Summer Picnic Sale going on right now.

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Improving your Elder Scrolls Legends win ratio

Posted on 08/19 17:55 in More | 0

After completing the solo story missions, its time to get into the primary mode of the Hearthstone killer Elder Scrolls Legends - the multiplayer Versus matches.A great exercise is to identify and remove the least useful card in your deck, then do it again, and again, and again.

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Sci-Fi 4X Game 'Stars In Shadow' Out Today

Posted on 01/19 23:33 in Deals | 0

It's out today on Steam.Here's the trailer: "Stars in Shadow is a turn-based 4X science fiction strategy game.

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Tactical RPG God Wars: Future Past Gets a Release Date

Posted on 01/21 14:16 in More | 0

NIS America has announced a new Japanese tactical RPG coming from Kadokawa Games.Dubbed God Wars: Future Past, this upcoming game will be released for both the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita.

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How Strategy Games Could be Better if They Had More Weather

Posted on 01/26 01:17 in More | 0

As strategy games become more and more concerned with iterative releases (Civilization 6, Dawn of War 3, etc.Some of a player's most memorable moments in gaming come from weather effects.

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The Banner Saga 3 Has Been Fully Funded - New Stretch Goal Announced

Posted on 02/01 12:26 in More | 0

Following the announcement that The Banner Saga 3 would be Kickstarted, Stoic have confirmed that it is now fully funded -- less than 7 days after the original campaign began.Offering his thanks to the backers, Watson said: “We’re thrilled to have funded the Kickstarter in less than a week.

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Get your first look at Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Posted on 02/11 00:02 in More | 0

Yes, another Warhammer 40k game, but this one’s a little more turn-based.Fresh from the far reaches of space and the abyss of the infinite void, comes this new title set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

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Guild Quest Preview - A Welcoming Change For Idling Games

Posted on 03/10 14:02 in More | 0

Over recent years "clicker" titles have become increasing over saturating on the F2P titles on Steam and one mechanic that comes with them all is idling.Thankfully, however, indie developer Hyper Hippo Games have taken the idling mechanic and created a whole new and unique experience around it with their Early Access strategic casual title Guild Quest.

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Guild Quest Forge Recipes Guide

Posted on 03/10 21:41 in More | 0

With the forge, you can use all your duplicate cards that you have collected through boss chests and turn them into more useful and higher grade cards.Common will be "C", Uncommon "U" and Rare "R".

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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Might Be the Best Film-Based Game You'll Ever Play

Posted on 03/13 19:31 in More | 0

At PAX East this weekend, Big Star Games, in conjunction with Lionsgate, announced Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days -- a top-down shooter for PC and Xbox One.Feeling a lot like Hotline Miami, without aping Devolver’s 2012 release, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days isn’t as fast paced as that title.

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Gwent Challenger Tournament Announced

Posted on 03/17 21:39 in More | 0

A new tournament for the Witcher Card Game, Gwent was announced.The tournament will put the four best players against professional gamers Trump (Jeffrey Shih), Lifecoach (Adrian Koy), Noxious (Kacem Khilaji) and ppd (Peter Dager).

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