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Dr Shafi Ahmed will broadcast the first VR surgery today ()

Posted on 05/08 20:45 in More | 0

In his office on the first floor of The Royal London Hospital, Dr Shafi Ahmed keeps a classic Polaroid instant camera.In Ahmed's future, and in his vision of the future of surgery at large, VR will feature prominently.

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3D-printing dentists are recreating entire jaws

Posted on 01/17 21:39 in More | 0

3D-printing has been used for basic dental procedures for years – and the technology is now advanced enough to reconstruct entire jaws.Plaster of Paris parts used for surgery are now 3D-printed and Dawood also uses plastics, rubbers, and metals while printing.

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This robot surgeon outperformed humans ()

Posted on 04/13 19:16 in More | 0

As well as live (in vivo) surgery, STAR also carried out surgeries on inanimate (ex vivo) porcine tissue, including both intestinal anastomosis and linear suturing.The results of the procedures were assessed on factors such as "consistent suture spacing, which helps to promote healing, and in withstanding higher leak pressures, as leakage can be a significant complication from anastomosis surgery".

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