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Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel enomy tests

Posted on 07/22 10:48 in More | 0

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has withdrawn several mini-cars from sale in Japan after admitting it "conducted testing improperly to present better fuel consumption rates than the actual rates".The affected models are Mitsubishi's own eK Wagon and eK Space, and the Dayz and Dayz Roox vehicles that Mitsubishi makes for Nissan.

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Last chance to test out the New Raid in Rift is Today

Posted on 01/23 22:15 in More | 2

If that isn't interesting enough, the raid difficulty for DPS has been cut by half for all but the final boss.This is your chance to be able to go further in the raid, and get as many achievements as you can.

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Merc Tactics Beta 0.5 -

Posted on 02/20 12:29 in More | 0

Today I have prepared a special version of Merc Tactics for game play testing.You can download the installation program here: http://astronautz.

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ADIPAX - A new game genre (blend)? -

Posted on 04/15 21:26 in More | 0

I did have fun with one racing game, but the games that really stick were Elite, Civilization and Dune 2 on the Amiga.I like games that involve a lot of thinking, is what I'm saying.

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