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The ESA has figured out what killed the Schiaparelli Mars lander

Posted on 11/30 20:06 in Shows | 0

Official word has come from the ESA regarding the why and wherefore of Schiaparelli’s crash landing on the Martian surface.Mission scientists were able to recover data from the lander before its untimely demise, and that data has revealed much more about the sequence of events during Schiaparelli’s last moments.

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This week in space: The future of NASA, the ESA diagnosed its Mars probe failure, and setbacks while resupplying the ISS

Posted on 12/02 16:42 in Shows | 0

A Russian Progress spacecraft was lost six minutes into its resupply flight to the ISS on Thursday.But the ISS crew is all fine, they’re not out of supplies, and there’s another resupply flight scheduled for next week.

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