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The duels in For Honor might be the most meaningful PvP games you ever play

Posted on 02/24 16:30 in More | 0

You must be patient (here you are hit on the head to emphasise the point).In For Honor the heroes have different attack ranges and speeds, but all the speeds are probably slower than you'd expect in a fighting game.

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Three Things You Need To Know Before Investing In eSports

Posted on 02/24 20:19 in Deals | 0

Rooting out the risks associated with investing in an eSports team requires that traditional legal due diligence be augmented by identification of what are unique industry-specific issues.For eSports investors, however, the core concern is in understanding where in the corporate structure of an eSports organization their investment will be made.

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'Destiny 2' Won't Let You Bring Anything With You Except Your Ugly Characters

Posted on 03/03 18:50 in Deals | 0

This is, without a doubt, 100% the right move for Destiny 2.Starting Destiny 2 with full access to all that stuff would dampen the experience in more ways than one.

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The Indie Games Weirdspo and Revue: February 2017

Posted on 03/06 10:23 in More | 0

It's time once again for your regular indie games showcase!This month we've only seen a few games to waft in your direction, and this showcase for February is appearing a bit further into March than one might expect.

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Conan Exiles is getting six major content updates

Posted on 03/07 12:28 in More | 0

The game's entire development budget was recouped in under a week, and now Funcom has announced it will invest a further five to ten million dollars into the game's development.This investment will enable the creation of six major content updates, a Game Preview release on Xbox One in Q3 2017, and a full release in Q1 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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Battalion 1944 secures Square Enix publishing deal

Posted on 03/09 13:40 in More | 0

Bulkhead Interactive's Battalion 1944, the WW2 multiplayer shooter, will be published for PS4, Xbox One and PC by Square Enix Collective.We’ve spoken to multiple huge publishers and Square Enix Collective were the best fit for our aims and ambitions whilst still allowing us to retain 100% of our creative control over the game.

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13 Ways Mobile App Marketers Can Acquire More Users

Posted on 03/13 19:49 in Deals | 0

So if you’ve got a new app, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?To answer this question, I reached out to 13 CEOs and mobile app marketers who have recently raised money to get their best tips on acquiring new users.

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Siefken Heads Up The Fred Rogers Company Keeping Mister Rogers' Message Relevant For Next Generation

Posted on 03/23 09:52 in Deals | 0

With the newly appointed president and CEO, Paul Siefken at the helm, The Fred Rogers Company is working hard to create new opportunities for parents, grandparents and preschoolers to watch and learn together.” A puppeteer, composer and ordained minister, Rogers found fame and a massive following from 1968 to 2001 on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and in his Neighborhood of Make-Believe that is still growing today thanks to re-runs and syndication.

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How To Host Your Own 'Magic: The Gathering' Tournament

Posted on 03/23 18:09 in Deals | 0

Try switching it up with something new: an at-home Magic: The Gathering tournament.See also: For 'Magic: The Gathering,' Diversity Is The Marketing Strategy Today, Magic: The Gathering has approximately 20 million players worldwide.

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Casting Spells With The Penny Arcade Acquisitions Inc. The "C" Team

Posted on 03/28 15:54 in Deals | 0

I'm setting up my camera gear as the cast of Penny Arcade's Acquisitions Inc.The "C" Team cast begins to arrive.

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Jackpot! Las Vegas Raiders Shake Down Tax Payers For $750 Million Stadium

Posted on 03/30 12:04 in Deals | 0

That’s how much Mark Davis and the Las Vegas Raiders want Nevada taxpayers to fork over in order to build a new 65,000-seat, $1.9 billion stadium, part of the deal to woo the team from their longtime home in Oakland.

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AMD Acquires IP And Acquihires Nitero Team, Maker Of 60 Ghz Wireless Chips For VR/AR

Posted on 04/10 15:01 in Deals | 0

Today AMD announced the company acquired the IP and acquihired all the employees of Austin-based Nitero.Austin-based Nitero is one of the few companies in the world capable of supplying 60 GHz mmWave radio technologies for something like wireless VR.

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Former Ad Finem 'Dota 2' Team Signed By Mousesports

Posted on 04/10 19:50 in Deals | 0

After placing second at the Boston Major, the Ad Finem Dota 2 team left the organization to look for a new home.Now they have been signed by German organization Mousesports.

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Just Because Charles Barkley Says It Doesn't Mean Dez Bryant Can, Too

Posted on 04/13 12:04 in Deals | 0

When Barkley says it’s not white people but other black people who are holding African-Americans down, the room chuckles.When Dez says it, people scratch their heads or angrily close their web browser in disgust.

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United Airlines Stock Is On A Diverted Flight

Posted on 04/17 19:20 in Deals | 0

With the unusually forceful "bumping" (or "re-accommodation") of a United Airlines passenger last week, the airline has been forced to apologize for breaking his nose and knocking out two of his teeth, and "flying the friendly skies" has taken on a new meaning.Meanwhile, United CEO Oscar Munoz defended the forceful removal, saying it was "established procedures.

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This Harvard Alum Wants To Disrupt The College Savings Industry

Posted on 04/18 14:03 in Deals | 0

First, 80% of parents don’t know what a 529 plan is, and second, 60% of those saving for college don’t use a 529 plan.I interviewed Cordero about his plan to disrupt the college savings industry, how and when to fund a 529 plan, and how employers can help their employees save for college.

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CIO Summit – Liveicon-searchicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-playicon-play

Posted on 04/19 14:18 in Deals | 0

A small but growing list of CIOs have moved to positions definitively above the role.We have collected a panel of leaders who personify this trend.

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Check Out These Gorgeous Screenshots From Upcoming Vampire Game 'Code Vein'

Posted on 04/20 21:52 in Deals | 0

Towering skyscrapers, once symbols of prosperity, are now lifeless graves of humanity’s past pierced by the Thorns of Judgment.After stumbling into Vein, players are tasked to embark into the world with a companion picked from the various residents of Vein to uncover lost memories and an exit out of this new demented reality.

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With BrashGames Nuked From Orbit, Should You Ever Write For Sites For Free?

Posted on 04/24 16:04 in Deals | 0

There was actually some measure of exposure here, given that Brash was somehow on review aggregate sites like Metacritic and Opencritic, but now that’s all moot.This whole ordeal has raised a relatively common question in the industry: Should you ever write for a site for free?

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Preview - VR in space

Posted on 04/24 18:02 in More | 0

In a room that mimicked the layout of the USS Aegis, I turned to my most knowledgeable crewmate — one of the devs — and asked if my lack of Stak Trek knowledge would be detrimental during our hands-on session with Star Trek: Bridge Crew.Honestly, while the Star Trek tie-in will be a selling point, this could be any Space-based game, really.

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