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'MLB The Show 17' Guide To Batting Stances And Pitching Motions For Create-A-Players

Posted on 05/16 07:57 in Deals | 0

Ever wonder which players the hundreds of batting stances and pitching motions in MLB The Show 17 belong to?Many of the best historic roster makers already use his guide to ensure their creations are as authentic as possible.

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Global EdTech Investments And Outlook: 10 EdTech Companies You Should Know About

Posted on 05/17 16:15 in Deals | 0

Here are ten edtech companies you should know about that are contributing to the global edtech ecosystem.” MindSumo helps college students develop problem-solving, communications, and creative thinking skills by allowing them to solve real-world corporate challenges.

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AMD's Financial Analyst Day 2017: On The Cusp Of Greatness Again?

Posted on 05/20 06:06 in Deals | 0

I attended Advanced Micro Devices’ Financial Analyst Day (FAD) last Tuesday at their headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.While I am not a financial analyst, but rather an industry analyst, I am looking for different signals than them, but I have found the financial analyst conferences very informative.

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How To Know If Regulation A+ Works To Raise Capital For Your Company

Posted on 05/23 13:58 in Deals | 0

The ability to raise multiple $50 mill Reg A+ offerings in parallel (one for each geographic region) provides an attractive scale for this approach.The lure of increased productivity and convenience, plus the excitement of being on the leading edge make for strong consumer appeal.

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'MLB The Show': How Sony Should Execute A Create-A-Ballpark Feature

Posted on 05/26 16:01 in Deals | 0

Even with all of those qualities, there's something significant missing from the overall package, and that's a create-a-ballpark feature.MVP NCAA Baseball by EA Sports used to have this option, but that's the last baseball game to offer the feature.

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There's No Way This 'Cancel Far Cry 5' Petition Is Actually Real

Posted on 05/30 16:05 in Deals | 0

org petition called “Cancel Far Cry 5.It is almost certainly trolling, capitalizing on Far Cry 5’s recent controversies.

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D&D Artifact: Demon Queen of Fungi

Posted on 05/31 03:33 in Deals | 0

The D&D offices are full of strange artifacts from the past.In this video is one of the most beautiful and most horrific, the sculpture of the demon queen of fungi known as Zuggtmoy.

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'NHL 18' Release Date, Cover Athlete And More To Be Revealed This Month

Posted on 06/06 22:42 in Deals | 0

Fans of EA Sports' NHL series will get their first look at the game on Wednesday, June 7, but they will have to wait another two weeks for the full reveal.This seemingly guarantees the game won't be shown during E3 weekend or at EA Play from June 10-12.

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Critical Role's 100th Episode Tonight Is A Milestone For D&D

Posted on 06/09 00:58 in Deals | 0

The cast of Critical Role is reaching their epic 100th episode tonight on Geek & Sundry's Twitch Channel at 7pm Pacific time.We've been playing nearly weekly, and it's like, that's a lot of time.

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Chinese Investors Boost Funding In Danish Crypto Exchange's Blockchain Projects

Posted on 06/09 14:33 in Deals | 0

Danish-headquartered decentralized exchange (DEX) OpenLedger has received seed funding to the tune of Dkr11 million (c.6m) from a group of Chinese, American and European investors after a recent tour of blockchain and cryptocurrency events in the U.

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EA Sports Celebrates A Player They Fined For Racist Tweets In A Promotional Video At E3

Posted on 06/11 12:01 in Deals | 0

At their E3 press extravaganza, Electronic Arts (EA) chose to market their stable of sports games with a video that included a recent Madden Bowl Champion who created controversy several months ago for his racist and offensive tweets.His new-found fame led people to check out his Twitter feed where they discovered a steady stream of racist tweets.

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Grading EA's Somewhat Incoherent E3 Press Conference

Posted on 06/11 17:08 in Deals | 0

But as part of my ongoing analysis of all the big E3 shows, I wanted to grade their conference on two categories: content and execution.Obviously the star of EA’s show was Battlefront II, as they spent about a full half hour on the game alone.

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'City Shrouded In Shadow' Is Exactly The Kind Of Survival Game Every Otaku Needs In Their Life

Posted on 06/11 18:31 in Deals | 0

Announced a good few years back, we now know what City Shrouded in Shadow is actually all about and it is exactly the kind of game every otaku needs in their life.This latest game then, also by the same team and director, instead replaces natural disasters with something more pop cultural.

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Film Friday (5/19): This Week's New Movie Trailers

Posted on 06/12 10:44 in More | 0

The June 28 release stars Seo-Hyun Ahn as Mija, a young girl who risks her life to protect her best friend—a massive animal named Okja.For more on the film, check out our Cannes Film Festival wrap-up article next weekend.

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Film Friday (6/9): This Week's New Movie Trailers

Posted on 06/12 10:45 in More | 0

View a guide to this weekend's new theatrical releases including The Mummy, It Comes at Night, and more.This July 21 release received good reviews when it premiered at Sundance in January.

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The No. 1 Reason Fidget Spinners Will Never Replace 'Pokémon GO'

Posted on 06/12 12:04 in Deals | 0

Everyone's talking about the fidget spinner craze.Anything this popular with kinds, of course, is likely to prompt horror stories directed at their worried parents.

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New Hasbro Games Extend Viral Video Inspired Family Fun

Posted on 06/12 14:58 in Deals | 0

Hasbro, keen to keep the moment of its bestselling games like Pie Face and Speak Out, today unveiled five new games that play to this viral video and social sharing trend.These games will be released this fall and both extend existing games ideas as well as introduce new ones based on hot topics in the playground.

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'NBA Playgrounds' Patch Update 1.20 Notes: 35 New Players Added And More

Posted on 06/12 19:47 in Deals | 0

The developers at Saber Interactive are determined to create the best experience for their arcade hoops title.NBA Playgrounds is getting yet another update and this one not only addresses more gameplay fixes, it also adds 35 new players and secondary versions of existing stars and legends with other teams they've played for in their career.

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Blizzard Is Almost Certainly Remastering 'Diablo 2' And 'Warcraft 3'

Posted on 06/19 16:24 in Deals | 0

We have already seen a full remaster of StarCraft, released for free to players, and now two other classic Blizzard games may be on deck for a similar treatment, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3.This info comes from a job listing located by PCGamesN which spells this out pretty clearly: "Compelling stories.

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NBA Rookies Guess Their 'NBA 2K18' Ratings

Posted on 06/28 21:37 in Deals | 0

Foot Locker posted a video on Twitter with many of the top rookies–including the Los Angeles Lakers' Lonzo Ball–guessing their player ratings in NBA 2K18.You might remember a similar video from NFL players guessing their Madden ratings.

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