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Minecraft sells 10 000 units per day, works as social network

Posted on 03/04 23:21 in More | 0

We all know Minecraft is a big deal – why else would Microsoft have bought it for $2.In a rather interesting feature in the New York Times Magazine, the latest stats about Minecraft are revealed.

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The wonderful weirdness of NieR: Automata

Posted on 03/06 15:00 in More | 0

Nier: Automata, though, goes further than this, adding in robot-fans of robo-Jean-Paul who are all small “girls” who wanted me, as the protagonist 2B, to give him gifts.He doesn’t care, of course: he’s aloof and full of a floaty vocabulary, filling the screen with his textual existentialism chatter.

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Nintendo's 'Artificial Scarcity' Is A Myth, But Supply Is Now Its Greatest Challenge

Posted on 07/27 16:55 in Deals | 0

That isn’t what’s happening, however, as Nintendo has plenty of success between the NES Classic, the Switch and their software, but they’re limiting themselves from reaching even greater heights by constantly being behind in supply.At a certain point, even though artificial scarcity might work as a tactic in some industries, in this case it’s pretty easy.

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