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Dropping SQLite for JSON serialization

Posted on 01/05 07:20 in More | 0

After a long time of thinking about this, I finally decided to drop SQLite as the main database for my Action RPG engine.After a couple years of work on this project, I realized I couldn't work anymore with databases unless I had a good ORM to back it up.

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My own game project, no visuals, just sound ! -

Posted on 03/28 21:09 in More | 0

I have this game project that I have been thinking about for a while now.But I am not a game developer, I am a sound designer.

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Playing God - The troubles of creating a real-size universe! -

Posted on 04/06 17:48 in More | 0

If you wanted, you can create something cool and then reverse engineer it to make it PG.If PG creates something crappy, it's not because it's PG, it's because the person using it is not good at using PG.

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