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A Busy 'Wonder Festival 2017 Winter' Reminds Everyone That 'Virtual On' Still Exists

Posted on 02/19 18:01 in Deals | 0

While Bandai was somewhat absent again at this Wonder Festival, all the other major toy and model kit makers were out in force.The biggest surprise at this Wonder Festival was the massive statue of Temjin (shown above) from the original Virtual On arcade game that was released back 1995.

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'The Walking Dead' Gets Better The More It Goes Off Script From The Comics

Posted on 02/19 19:02 in Deals | 0

The Walking Dead came back pretty strong with its midseason premiere last week, pulling in 12 million viewers the day of, and 15.Maybe it’s because The Walking Dead isn’t competing against Westworld anymore.

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'Pokémon GO' Needs To Be Less Careless With Its Significant Nerfs

Posted on 02/19 20:30 in Deals | 0

There’s really only one thing on anyone’s mind when talking about Pokémon GO right now, the arrival of Gen 2.It went from being one of my highest CP Pokémon, to not even in my top 15.

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 10 Review: New Best Friends

Posted on 02/20 04:00 in Deals | 0

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead was, in many ways, a huge relief.Unlike last week's utter disaster of a midseason premiere, 'New Best Friends' actually had some good moments.

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'Horizon Zero Dawn' Review (PS4): Rage Against The Machine

Posted on 02/20 09:01 in Deals | 0

In many ways, Horizon Zero Dawn can feel like a lot of what’s come before.Therein lies the central “hook” of Horizon (which is what the game should have been called, or “Zero Dawn,” but not both).

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For Honor claims victory in this week's UK sales chart

Posted on 02/20 11:36 in More | 0

Glory goes to Ubisoft this week as For Honor entered the UK charts in first place for the week ending February 18.Everyone give a hearty victory cheer and smash your mead horns together.

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'We definitely want to explore this world,' says Horizon Zero Dawn producer

Posted on 02/20 15:19 in More | 0

I recently chatted to Guerrilla Games producer Samrat Sharma about Horizon Zero Dawn, and he told me that the developer is keen to not let the upcoming PS4 exclusive be the last we see of the series.‘Aloy, to us, is a special character through which we would definitely want to explore this world,' said Sharma.

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Confirmed: You Can Fill Up The Nintendo Switch's Storage With A Single Game

Posted on 02/20 16:49 in Deals | 0

Dragon Quest Heroes I·II will take up 32 gb on its own, which means that it won't fit on the Switch's 32gb of internal storage along with the Switch OS.That means that the Switch's internal storage, already a cause for concern, is officially too small for a single game.

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Last Night's 'The Walking Dead' Was Literally A 'Fallout 4' Quest

Posted on 02/20 16:52 in Deals | 0

A new marker has been added to your minimap>> <<Rick and his followers track back to the boat area.They speak strangely>> TRASH WOMAN: You speak.

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How 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Fixes Most Things You Hate About Open World Games

Posted on 02/20 17:54 in Deals | 0

The review embargo for Horizon Zero Dawn has lifted, and I will invite you to read my own full take on the game, along with many, many others who are praising it as pretty excellent.It’s a must-play for PS4 players, even those that may have gotten sick of open world games.

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Classic Anime Series 'Dunbine' And 'L-Gaim' Get An Official Western Release Online

Posted on 02/20 18:02 in Deals | 0

In an ongoing trend of classic anime releases in the West, you can now officially watch both Aura Battler Dunbine and Heavy Metal L-Gaim online.The mecha design by Kazutaka Miyatake and Yutaka Izubuchi also broke new ground and went on to influence later series such as The Vision of Escaflowne.

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'Horizon Zero Dawn' Review Round-Up: The Critics Love Sony's New PS4 Exclusive

Posted on 02/20 18:18 in Deals | 0

I love existing in this world – a world of desperate survival but of growing culture and a sense of hope.The core combat and aesthetic of Horizon Zero Dawn have been placed in fine focus; the rest, though, is something of an indistinguishable blur.

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'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Is Looking Good But Questions Remain On How Well It Will Play

Posted on 02/20 19:02 in Deals | 0

The upcoming multipart Final Fantasy VII Remake got some new screenshots recently and the game is looking good but it's still not clear how the new action approach will work with the classic strategy gameplay of the original game.Considering that this remake is going down a more action-oriented route over the original Final Fantasy VII, it’s already clear that this new game is deviating in many ways in terms of how it will play.

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So Far 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Feels Too Much Like Other Open World Games

Posted on 02/20 19:31 in Deals | 0

Sometimes Horizon Zero Dawn actually implements these systems better than many other games, which is a happy bonus.I'm excited because I know there's lots of these I haven't even seen yet, so I know I'm in for even better encounters going forward.

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Imagining A 'Zelda GO' To Come After 'Pokémon GO'

Posted on 02/20 22:58 in Deals | 0

I had such dreams for Pokémon GO.We assume that they're working on something besides Pokémon at the moment, after all.

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Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy could be the icon Sony wanted

Posted on 02/21 11:04 in More | 0

Guerrilla Games recently referred to Horizon Zero Dawn’s lead, Aloy, as ‘a PlayStation icon’ in a behind-the-scenes video series speaking about different aspects of their brand new IP.This is the first ever game featuring these individuals, this particular game-world, these specific robot beasts, etc.

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Nintendo announced Zelda DLC early so it could be sold at Switch launch and give gamers something to look forward to

Posted on 02/21 12:49 in More | 0

The recent announcement of post-launch DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild did, however, catch people off guard as it's not really a very Nintendo thing to do.It would be a waste to just make one game and have that be it.

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How Gamification Can Drive Workplace Performance

Posted on 02/21 15:09 in Deals | 0

I think there are also parallels with our desire for purpose at work.The passion for cycling piques my curiosity for it, and I seek out ways to do it better.

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Five Urgent Fixes 'Pokémon GO' Needs In The Wake Of Gen 2

Posted on 02/21 16:28 in Deals | 0

While the true “gym meta” is still shaking out as more and more players pursue high-end Gen 2 Pokémon, one is already dominating everything, and wasn’t a well-predicted issue.I have maybe 6-10 total Gen 2s that spawn in this area, and even playing for hours and hours since Gen 2’s release, I have caught maybe one unique Pokémon, a single Chikorita.

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Pokémon GO's Gen 2 Is Making Big Money For The Game Again

Posted on 02/21 17:00 in Deals | 0

There are 80 new Gen 2 monsters in Pokémon GO, and people are out in force to catch them.After some early waffling Pokémon GO has traveled back up the charts, reaching no.

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