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Rock Band 4 crowd-funding adds $2,500 backer tier including all available songs -

Posted on 08/21 00:02 in More | 0

The struggling Fig crowd-funding campaign for Rock Band 4 on PC has launched a new $2,500 backer tier which includes every Rock Band Store song available when the game releases - that's over 2,000 songs, says Harmonix." The post adds that this is the "best deal on DLC" that Harmonix has ever offered.

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Pokémon GO's Egg Hatching Got A Stealth Buff With The Valentine's Event

Posted on 02/09 14:39 in Deals | 0

We are now in the middle of Pokémon GO’s Valentine’s event, where a bunch of pink Pokémon are spawning everywhere, candy generation is doubled, and lures last six hours.Essentially, the entire tier system has changed.

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