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CD Projekt RED Archives

Posted on 12/29 09:04 in Deals | 0

We’re big fans of The Witcher series here, Calum and myself especially.Unfortunately for Calum, however, his interest wasn’t fast enough to beat my lightning-quick reaction post of “PLEASE PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE”.

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Where & How to Farm Machine Cores in Nier: Automata

Posted on 03/13 23:05 in More | 0

Countless usable items, upgrades, and pointless oddities that serve no real purpose can be found across various playthroughs of Nier: Automata's main and side quests.One such item found exclusively on your second playthrough (and later) after finishing 2B's first storyline is the machine core.

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LEGO Worlds Cheat Guide: Code to Unlock All Bricks

Posted on 03/21 00:13 in More | 0

If you read my review for LEGO Worlds, you'll know one of my biggest criticisms is the lack of a proper Creative Mode.Note that you must finish the tutorial -- gather 10 Gold Bricks on the first 3 worlds -- before entering the Bricks Code.

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