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Check out the trailer for HTC Vive's Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine -

Posted on 10/11 11:00 in More | 0

HTC Vive users get ready to wield a virtual lightsaber in Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, a new VR experience developed by LucasFilm's ILMxLab.Described by RoadToVR as a 10 minute experience rather than a full game, Trials of Tatooine tasks players with fending off Stormtroopers and their blaster fire.

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New Trials game trademark spotted on Taiwanese ratings board, and it's a strange combination

Posted on 10/13 19:05 in More | 0

Ubisoft recieves rating for a new game, Trials of the Blood Dragon, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.In what is a rather odd mash-up, it seems Ubisoft is planning to have the Trials franchise merge with Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon.

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Trials of the Blood Dragon launches today on PS4, Xbox One & PC - Trials of the Blood Dragon for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:15 in More | 0

Trial of the Blood Dragon, a new entry in the Trials series inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, will be available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC later today, Ubisoft has announced."Trials of the Blood Dragon is an explosive single player experience with a wicked combination of renowned, competitive, physics-based Trials gameplay and unique, neon-drenched Blood Dragon attitude," said Ubisoft.

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Trials of the Blood Dragon Review -

Posted on 06/23 13:18 in More | 0

If you're familiar with Trials, the most recent being Trials Fusion and its abundance of DLC, Blood Dragon does things differently.If you're hoping for some proper belters to test your skills, you're going to be disappointed, big time.

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Get Trials of the Blood Dragon for free just by playing the demo (really, really well)

Posted on 07/08 21:40 in More | 0

Anyhow, I now have the opportunity to experience the latest entry in the VROOM VROOM BIKE saga – Trials of the Blood Dragon – without even spending a single cent.Now’s your chance to prove it and earn Trials of the Blood Dragon for free.

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The Trials of Osiris are talking a short break in Destiny

Posted on 08/29 02:13 in More | 0

When it comes to tests of skills, Destiny has the ultimate gauntlet for Guardians: The Trials of Osiris.And it’s taking a short break, before it returns in Rise of Iron.

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It’s your last chance to play Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris in Destiny

Posted on 07/28 14:28 in More | 0

The release of Destiny 2 is getting closer and closer each day, so it’s time for the old Destiny to begin winding down before it’s put out to pasture.The weekly Trials of Osiris and monthly Iron Banner PvP events are shutting down soon, as Bungie switches its attentions to the future for the shared-world shooter series.

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Where Is Xur? Here's When You Can Buy Exotic Items In 'Destiny 2'

Posted on 09/08 15:55 in Deals | 0

If you were saving up Legendary Shards in hopes of picking up some exotics in Destiny 2 this weekend, you'll have to wait a little bit longer.In Destiny, exotic weapon merchant "Xur, Agent of the Nine" used to show up every Friday, but he's taking a bit of a break here at the beginning of Destiny 2 and will be returning next Friday with his usual collection of exotic goods.

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