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PS4 Pro TV Connection Problems: Samsung And Vizio Respond

Posted on 11/26 14:46 in Deals | 0

(For more detail on this, check out this feature: PS4 Pro Not Working With Your TV?Play Uncharted 4 with 2160p YUV420 selected in the PS4 Pro’s Resolution menu and it runs at 2160p YUV420.

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LG Rolls Out TV Upgrade To Fix PS4 Pro Connection Woes

Posted on 11/29 00:27 in Deals | 0

From the day of the PS4 Pro’s launch, significant numbers of owners of 4K HDR LG TVs – both OLED and LCD – have reported issues with getting the console to correctly recognize the capabilities of their TVs, resulting in the console not outputting the correct 4K HDR image quality.Provided you have your LG 4K HDR TV connected to your network, the firmware update should kick in automatically when you next fire your TV up (if it hasn’t already uploaded).

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LG OLED And LCD TV HDR Gaming Update: Great News. For Some

Posted on 12/02 18:11 in Deals | 0

What’s more, it seems the update really does do what LG TV owners wanted it to do, at least for the brand’s latest OLED TVs.The guys over at HDTVtest have measured the input lag in HDR Game mode on LG’s E6 series of OLEDs at just over 34ms.

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American homes have fewer TVs on average than they did in 2009

Posted on 03/01 23:45 in Shows | 0

A new study from the government’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) shows that Americans own fewer TVs on average than they did just a few years ago.In fact, the number of households with no TVs has doubled since 2009.

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