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No one should buy a Pixel smartphone from Verizon

Posted on 10/07 21:17 in Shows | 0

In an email to 9to5Google, the company writes: Verizon’s device has a locked bootloader, and comes with three pre-installed applications you don’t need — My Verizon, Go90 (a mobile TV app), and Verizon Messaging.But Google Nexus products have typically been the best-supported over the long term of all Android devices.

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All US carriers now offering smartphone swaps for replaced Galaxy Note 7s

Posted on 10/07 23:06 in Shows | 0

In August, as evidence mounted that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had a battery-related problem, the major US carriers all announced plans to offer customers trade-ins, store credit, and replacement devices.Earlier this week, we covered a replaced Galaxy Note 7 that ignited without warning on an aircraft flying from Louisville to Baltimore.

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Samsung reportedly suspends Galaxy Note 7 production after multiple replacement phones catch fire

Posted on 10/10 16:31 in Shows | 0

” The trouble started in August, when the first example of a Galaxy Note 7 overheating first made the news.Since then, we’ve heard many reports of Galaxy Note 7s overheating, catching fire, and even exploding.

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Yahoo applies for patent on mass surveillance system the Soviets would envy

Posted on 10/14 17:53 in Shows | 0

On March 31, 2015 Yahoo applied for a patent with implications that would make the Stasi sit up and cheer.The patent abstract is reprinted below, and at first glance it doesn’t read all that badly.

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Google quietly changed its privacy policy, no longer promises to anonymize your personal information when selling ads

Posted on 10/24 16:54 in Shows | 0

According to an investigation at Pro Publica, Google has quietly changed its privacy policy at some point over the last few months.Previously, Google’s privacy policy contained a hard line of what it would and would not do.

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Samsung plans to update the Galaxy Note 7 to completely kill its battery

Posted on 12/09 22:01 in Shows | 0

It may be hard to believe, but there are still people using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even after months of Samsung and carriers doing everything possible to get them back.The Note 7 was officially cancelled a few months ago following repeated battery fires, which persisted after a recall that swapped out the batteries.

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Yahoo announces over a billion user accounts compromised in security hacks

Posted on 12/15 14:21 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, Yahoo announced that it had suffered one of the largest hacks in history, with up to 500 million user accounts affected.Now, the company has come clean about an even bigger hack that happened a year earlier and exposed sensitive information on approximately one billion accounts.

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Verizon notifies heaviest unlimited data users they need to switch plans or leave

Posted on 01/11 15:39 in Shows | 0

Carriers moved away from unlimited data, like Verizon did in 2011.According to a notice from Verizon that was sent to unlimited customers, it’s putting a hard limit on data usage by unlimited customers.

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Time Warner Cable sued in New York for rampant fraud, lying to the FCC

Posted on 02/03 16:16 in Shows | 0

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit (PDF) against Time Warner Cable, accusing the company of lying to both its customers and the FCC.” First, Spectrum-TWC promised consumers high performance, but leased them modems and routers that were incapable of delivering the performance they were paying for.

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New GOP bill seeks to let ISPs sell your web history to advertisers

Posted on 03/15 18:10 in Shows | 0

Quick: Name five people you’d love to show all the internet traffic that has ever gone through your router.) have introduced Congressional Review Act resolutions that would overturn the FCC’s privacy rules for ISPs.

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Verizon Doesn't Seem to Know How Much its $70 Gigabit FiOS Actually Costs

Posted on 04/26 16:58 in Shows | 0

The new option, Verizon said in the press release, would only cost $70 per month.The previous top-of-the-line FiOS service was 750Mbps, priced at nearly $200.

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How to Speak Out Against the FCC's Attempt to Kill Net Neutrality

Posted on 05/10 19:19 in Shows | 0

Remember the halcyon days of 2015 when the Federal Communications Commission voted to secure net neutrality in the United States?If that doesn’t sit right with you, now’s your chance to speak out against the so-called “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal.

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Court Forces Verizon to Fix Critical Infrastructure in Pennsylvania

Posted on 06/07 15:25 in Shows | 0

Back in 2015, Verizon was sued by the Communications Workers of America for its general failure to maintain copper infrastructure in Pennsylvania.We covered the issue in October of last year, when CWA officials testified that Verizon was willing to fire employees for maintaining copper infrastructure, while simultaneously failing to deploy replacement wireline service over fiber.

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Former CenturyLink Employee Alleges ISP Fraudulently Signs Up Customers

Posted on 06/20 15:23 in Shows | 0

The company was fined $185 million, is facing various criminal and civil suits, and its CEO resigned in disgrace.A former CenturyLink employee is alleging that the ISP used a similar tactic in a new court filing.

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Roomba Maker Wants to Sell Maps of Your Home to Google, Amazon

Posted on 07/25 21:52 in Shows | 0

Now iRobot, which manufactures the Roomba, wants in on the action and plans to monetize the information its robots gather when they vacuum your carpet and/or chase the cat.“There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared,” Angle told Reuters.

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Verizon Now Refuses to Stream 1080p to Any Smartphone, Period

Posted on 08/23 14:23 in Shows | 0

Starting immediately, Verizon’s “Unlimited” plan is $5 cheaper per month, but only streams video to smartphones at 480p, with tablets capped at 720p.The hotspot is limited to just 15GB per month, however, after which it throttles down to 600Kbps.

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Ookla: US Wireless, Wireline Speeds Continue to Lag Developed World

Posted on 09/07 16:03 in Shows | 0

net report on wireless and wireline internet speeds in the United States, and the various carrier-specific and regional variations between different parts of the US itself.The average performance across the US had jumped dramatically in past years, but the last 12 months saw smaller gains.

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Yahoo Admits 3 Billion Accounts Were Breached in Earlier Attack

Posted on 10/04 22:53 in Shows | 0

Over a year ago, Yahoo (back when it still existed) admitted up to a billion of its email accounts were breached in a massive attack.Now, the company has admitted it wasn’t one billion accounts that were compromised, but three billion.

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