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The Miller Report - TV Videos Going Forward -

Posted on 09/16 21:45 in More | 0

Some of you may be asking 'Where's today's Miller Report?We're certainly not complaining, and are more than proud of what we have accomplished, but there's also the little caveat of VideoGamer.

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Meet the machines in new Horizon Zero Dawn videos

Posted on 02/09 15:25 in More | 0

If you're super hyped for Horizon Zero Dawn prepare for an extra top up on those hype levels.New videos giving you a closer look at some of the giant machines that Aloy will face off against have gone up on YouTube.

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Towards The Pantheon Devlog #17: Wastelands, Battle System Refactoring, and Teamwork -

Posted on 02/10 15:21 in More | 0

It's time for Towards The Pantheon's 17th devlog!Since the previous devlog he has released 3 of them which cover his work on Villager NPC Portraits, Cyberpunk NPC Portraits, and new Wasteland tiles!

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YouTube & Disney distance themselves from PewDiePie following anti-semetic videos

Posted on 02/14 17:45 in More | 0

Following some of PewDiePie's recent videos, YouTube and subsidiary of Disney, Maker Studios, have made some moves to distance themselves from the online content producer.The videos that have caused controversy contain anti-semetic sentiment such as one where Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg paid two men from India to hold up a sign that read 'death to all Jews,' via website Fiverr.

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Here's Why PewDiePie Will Still Earn Millions, Even After Anti-Semitic Videos

Posted on 02/16 15:01 in Deals | 0

When it came to light this week that PewDiePie had posted anti-Semitic videos, some may have assumed his career was over.“Even if his viewership declined tremendously, there would still be enough that he would generate a meaningful amount of money.

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Multiverse TCG Concept Art: Darans -

Posted on 02/26 13:25 in More | 0

First, let's talk about some news: Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest is now playable in its playtest environment on OCTGN virtual tabletop!We've finished releasing the tutorial series of videos explaining the rules of the game and how to install and play it on your PC.

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