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The Norse hit the field in Blood Bowl 2

Posted on 09/10 19:48 in More | 0

Part of the fun of the Blood Bowl franchise is the players play rough.That being said, a whole new playable race will be joining the Blood Bowl 2 roster on May 3rd.

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Feminist Frequency tackles female combatants in its best video yet

Posted on 07/31 03:03 in More | 0

And it tackles an argument that feels almost age old now: Are woman too difficult to animate?You might assume that violence against women in videogames might provoke a stance of no tolerance from Sarkeesian, and you’d be wrong.

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'The Walking Dead' Is Toning Down Its Violence After Season 7 Complaints

Posted on 01/20 15:07 in Deals | 0

It’s still about a month until The Walking Dead returns to air the second half of season 7, but things might be a tad different by then.Ever since the brutal “Negan beat-down” premiere, The Walking Dead has come under fire by some for finally crossing a line when it comes to violence.

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