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This Clever Gamer Proposed to His Girlfriend in Mario Maker

Posted on 05/27 17:55 in Shows | 0

A video gamer just played the best round of Mario Maker of his life—and got the best prize, too.YouTube user Retro Shanerator spent some quality time with Super Mario Maker, diligently working to build a new level embedded with a very important message for his girlfriend.

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A Pokémon Go Player Totally Knocks Down a Competitor in This Hilarious Video

Posted on 07/15 20:42 in Shows | 0

A Pokémon Go player took out a fellow gamer in the race to capture one of the monsters, and there’s hilarious footage, Tech Insider reports.The players traveled toward this “Squirtle” at various speeds that are all directly proportional to each individual’s zest for life.

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