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Vivendi is the new Gameloft; what does that mean for Ubisoft?

Posted on 06/07 10:28 in More | 0

Earlier this month, the French Conglomerate Vivendi bought out 61.In what is called a hostile takeover, Vivendi is taking this as a step into the path of taking over the French branch of Ubisoft.

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Bollore Squares Up To Berlusconi In Italian Media War

Posted on 12/15 15:23 in Deals | 0

French businessman Vincent Bolloré, a champion in financial constructions and master in putting pressure on reticent rivals, has provoked a media war with Silvio Berlusconi in Italy by taking a 20 per cent stake in Mediaset, the television group controlled by the former Prime Minister and his family.Berlusconi and some Italian media are batting down the hatches for a fight over control of Italy’s main television channels, and thus political influence.

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