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'Yooka-Laylee' Review: A Nostalgic, If Slightly Flawed, Master Class In 3D Platforming

Posted on 04/04 17:01 in Deals | 0

Playtonic has crafted a universe that encourages exploration, but has left out the needless busywork saturation which tends to plague other open world games.Moving the duo around feels great for the most part, as do most of the special moves, like Laylee’s glide and Yooka’s double jump.

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I Opened 100 'Journey to Un'goro' Packs In 'Hearthstone' And Here's What I Got

Posted on 04/06 20:08 in Deals | 0

Today is one of the biggest days for Hearthstone in a very long time.It’s not just the introduction of a new expansion, Journey to Un’goro, but it’s a moment when more past adventures and expansions are falling out of standard rotation.

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Level of detail vs. Level of Distraction -

Posted on 04/09 16:50 in More | 0

To me, that is a bit disheartening, because I love to hear other people's thoughts.But that means that game developers have to counter this level of detail with in-game symbolism to show what can be used, and what is just for show.

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The Mass Effect: Andromeda patch updated the anti-piracy protection

Posted on 04/10 12:38 in More | 0

It was reported last week that Mass Effect: Andromeda's anti-tamper security from Denuvo had been cracked in just ten days.According to DSOG, however, Andromeda had shipped with an older version of Denuvo, and one which had been cracked previously.

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Fnatic Esports Brand Receives Over $7 Million In Financing

Posted on 04/10 16:01 in Deals | 0

One area where there is no dispute in quantifying esports' success is in the space of raising funds, which many esports teams have been able to accomplish with speed and skill.The latest leading esports brand to raise significant capital is Fnatic, which announces a financing round of more than $7 million.

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Legendary Raids In 'Pokémon GO' Would Be The Best Thing To Happen To The Game Since Launch

Posted on 04/10 17:57 in Deals | 0

Is co-op coming to Pokémon GO?Not "social game" in the Farmville sense, of course, but an actually social game, one that encouraged interaction for the basic fact that you played it outside, and outside is where people are.

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Origin PC Drops EON15-S Laptop For You To Pick Up Like It's $999 Of Hotness

Posted on 04/17 18:22 in Deals | 0

My problem with gaming laptops has always been twofold.Or spending a few bucks more to jack it up to a Core i7, which is "Origin Recommended", which is not a surprise.

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Nintendo Confirms NES Classic Discontinuation in Europe, But Leaves The Door Open

Posted on 04/18 16:08 in Deals | 0

Well, at least one minor facet of the “Why is Nintendo killing the NES Classic Edition?This news comes just a few days after a UK Nintendo spokeperson said the exact opposite, that production was continuing in the region: "Production for the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES continues, and NOE [Nintendo of Europe] will continue to ship units to retail on a regular basis," said a Nintendo UK rep on the 14th.

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'The Walking Dead' Makes Its Most Irritating Character A Regular Cast Member

Posted on 04/19 16:13 in Deals | 0

We may be in precious few weeks during the year in which a Walking Dead show is not airing on AMC, but that doesn’t mean news isn’t happening regardless.We have already heard that Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for season four before season three even airs, presumably due to its status as a high performing drama, despite its other faults.

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Well Look At That, Un'Goro Has Created Hearthstone's Best Metagame In Years

Posted on 04/19 18:34 in Deals | 0

I will say the one hilarious thing about Quest Rogue is that it’s brought Stonetusk Boar into the meta as a top-tier card.Now, I’m seeing Aggro Shaman, Murloc Shaman and Elemental Shaman a lot with varying degrees of success.

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Amnesia Fortnight 2017: Tim Schafer On Double Fine's Turbocharged Game Jam

Posted on 04/20 07:48 in Deals | 0

In the video game space, there may be no better window into this turbulently enthralling journey than Double Fine’s two week game jam, Amnesia Fortnight.“When you're doing a massive project, you're brain tends to think of everything on these massive scales.

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The Building Complex Layout -

Posted on 04/24 17:57 in More | 0

The building complex in Episode 1 will be one of the first things players get to experience when playing the game.The idea behind the building’s design was to mix heavy brutalist architecture with a more contemporary setting.

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First day of Greenlight -

Posted on 04/25 19:49 in More | 0

26 hours later, I'm still on first page though, on slot 29th.Traffic has already slowed down and new votes (either 'yes' or 'no') have already stopped coming in.

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The Longest 100 Days Ever

Posted on 04/26 19:02 in Deals | 0

Is anyone else out there sick to death of the endless coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft?It’s natural that fans what to know and speculate who their team will draft.

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The One Macrotransaction That Would Make 'Pokémon GO' A Fortune

Posted on 05/01 16:51 in Deals | 0

But why I’m impressed with these numbers is because Pokémon GO is a game that actually has very few appealing ways to spend money.I think Pokémon GO should sell additional buddy slots.

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'Darksiders III' Officially Unveiled In Furious New Trailer

Posted on 05/03 19:23 in Deals | 0

The first two Darksiders games have gained something of a cult following over the years.Here's the first trailer for Darksiders III, which was officially unveiled after a number of leaks: This all looks very much in keeping with the rest of the series, with its over-the-top voices and hellish melodrama.

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China Has Forced Blizzard To Reveal Exact 'Overwatch' And 'Hearthstone' Drop Rates

Posted on 05/05 16:45 in Deals | 0

Thanks to a new Chinese law which forces companies to reveal the probabilities of loot box/card pack drops in games, we now have official insight into what drop rates are for Blizzard’s exceptionally profitable games like Overwatch and Hearthstone.5 loot boxes contain an item of epic quality On average, every 13.

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'World To The West' Is Part 'The Legend of Zelda', Part PS1 RPG

Posted on 05/07 01:55 in Deals | 0

I can say, however, that I’ve been playing something else recently, namely the same studio’s new standalone follow-up, World to the West.The same could be said of the gameplay, which largely hearkens back to The Legend of Zelda on the NES.

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The One 'Game of Thrones' Spin-Off HBO Should Not Make

Posted on 05/14 19:19 in Deals | 0

This month, it was revealed that HBO was working on not one, but four different potential spin-offs of Game of Thrones in order to continue breathing life into the pop culture juggernaut after the main series.I don’t think there’s any earthly way we’re getting four HBO spin-offs, which is what many outlets are reporting.

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'Skylanders Imaginators' Wave 5: Tidepool and Blaster-Tron Impressions

Posted on 05/18 08:21 in Deals | 0

The end result turned out to be a ton of fun, and I've been along for the ride ever since.Five games later and we're nearing the end of Skylanders Imaginators' toy release run, something of a bittersweet notion given the franchises' uncertain future.

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