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World of Warcraft–The Invasion Experience

Posted on 08/23 01:15 in More | 0

The excitement of class changes, choosing your new class, researching the upcoming dungeons and raids, and preparing for the new content which arrives with the new expansion.This time, however, I came prepared and have since re-subscribed to World of Warcraft, and have prepared myself for the upcoming expansion.

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Here Are All Of Nintendo's Black Friday Deals

Posted on 11/23 23:12 in Deals | 0

Nintendo has a bunch of great deals this Black Friday.Probably the best of these is the $99 New 3DS which comes in either black or white.

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The 10 Countries That Attract The Most (And The Fewest) International Job Seekers

Posted on 12/01 21:07 in Deals | 0

When it comes to job seekers looking for work in countries outside of their own, certain nations attract more attention than others.For the list of the ten nations most attractive to international job seekers – and the 10 least attractive – check out our slideshow below.

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Hollywood's Biggest Turkeys Of 2016: The Films That Flopped

Posted on 12/01 21:07 in Deals | 0

4 million at the global box office, leading this year’s list of biggest box office flops.2 million worldwide on a $50 million budget for a 46% return.

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Liveblogging The Game Awards 2016 As 'Overwatch,' 'Titanfall 2' And 'DOOM' Battle For GOTY

Posted on 12/02 02:14 in Deals | 0

The Game Awards is back, and I’m having fond flashbacks to a few years ago when I was attending The VGAs back when they were still on Spike.Rebranded as simply “The Game Awards,” it’s the closest thing the industry has to a serious awards show, and it’s evolved into something quite nice, actually.

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Does Voxels 'Crypto-To-Equity' Exchange Offer Glance Of VR Future?

Posted on 12/02 18:30 in Deals | 0

Prior to Voxelus, Repetto was CEO of Minor Studios managing a team of twenty developers in the creation of Atmosphir.In terms of content VR assets could be anything from a comic book world to a sponsored branded auto race track.

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Liveblogging The PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016 Keynote

Posted on 12/03 18:28 in Deals | 0

Today is the kick-off for Sony’s now-annual PlayStation Experience show, or "PSX," as the cool kids are calling it.It's a big hype event right before the holiday gift-giving season, but also laying out the roadmap for the year ahead.

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Niantic Teases Probable Gen 2 'Pokémon GO' Announcement For Next Week

Posted on 12/07 15:24 in Deals | 0

Big things are happening behind the scenes at Niantic for Pokémon GO.This echoes something fans have spotted on promotion for the not-yet-officially-announced Starbucks deal, which promised “More Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO.

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The First Ad For 'Super Mario Run' on iOS Shows Nintendo Getting Serious

Posted on 12/08 17:30 in Deals | 0

So far, we have had two half-measures: the quixotic chat app Miitomo for one, and Pokémon GO for two.Watch below: It represents a bit of a sea change in the way mobile games are released.

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Ranking The Best And Worst Classes Of Hearthstone's Current 'Gadgetzan' Metagame

Posted on 12/09 17:07 in Deals | 0

But now we are living in the era of the Jade Druid, which uses the new “Jade Golem” mechanic to be one of the most powerful new decks in the game.They got important new cards like the 3 mana Kabal Talonpriest which gives another minion +3 health.

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'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Players Can't Stop Failing The Game's Global Missions

Posted on 01/11 16:57 in Deals | 0

Something sad but also kind of hilarious keeps happening with Pokémon Sun and Moon, as players try, and repeatedly fail to hit global goals set for them in the game by the developer.The challenges are called “Global Missions” where players are given a specific task to complete collectively in the game, and so far, Sun and Moon players are 0 for 2.

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Forget The Critics -- CES Just Foretold These Seismic Shifts Coming To Tech

Posted on 01/12 22:25 in Deals | 0

As much exciting buzz as the show receives, its critics suggest that it has become increasingly over-produced, with carefully choreographed PR programs.In light of the amount of money and resources devoted to marketing extravaganzas at CES, the burning question becomes: is CES a reliable bellwether, or just a platform for generating hype?

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These Are The Ways To Close The Gap Between What School Provides And What People Need For The Future

Posted on 01/13 14:08 in Deals | 0

No doubt about it, there is a vast gap between what people need from school and what education systems around the world are currently providing.Today’s jobs are being automated so fast that people barely have time to envision new ways for individuals to contribute.

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The Glass Half Full Case For The Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/14 18:14 in Deals | 0

I am not terribly optimistic about the long-term prospects of the Nintendo Switch, which I view to have a lot in common with the Wii U, which I detailed in a lengthy column yesterday.However, I’m willing to concede that many Wii U owners are probably some of the biggest Nintendo fans out there.

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3D Paint PBR release - finally! :) -

Posted on 01/14 20:58 in More | 0

Then I had to learn how PBR shaders are meant to work.The many purists would no doubt tell me off, as mine is not so much as 'physically based' as 'physically incorrect'.

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'Arms' Is My Favorite Nintendo Switch Game So Far, But It Will Cost $420 To Play It

Posted on 01/18 22:57 in Deals | 0

The Switch, unlike the Wii U and the Wii, has no pack-in game.Not Arms or 1, 2 Switch, which seems like it was at one point designed as such.

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'Overwatch' Is Smartly Planning A Chinese New Year Event, 'Year of the Rooster'

Posted on 01/19 15:28 in Deals | 0

Despite Blizzard just finishing up a holiday event this past month, it's about to kick off another one in five days, the Year of the Rooster, in order to, you guessed it, celebrate the Chinese New Year.Mei just got a (rather lackluster) legendary skin in the most recent event, but I’m almost certain that she’s about to get another legendary one (this one) for this new event as the only Chinese character.

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'The Walking Dead' Is Toning Down Its Violence After Season 7 Complaints

Posted on 01/20 15:07 in Deals | 0

It’s still about a month until The Walking Dead returns to air the second half of season 7, but things might be a tad different by then.Ever since the brutal “Negan beat-down” premiere, The Walking Dead has come under fire by some for finally crossing a line when it comes to violence.

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