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3D modeling for Floatlands -

Posted on 02/27 11:33 in More | 0

For Floatlands we decided to go with a polygonal look, which means the models don’t use smooth shading or textures and this gives the game a specific visual style.Simple repair kit model When I make organic models I usually start by sculpting them with dynamic topology.

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Hearthstone's 'Journey to Un'Goro' Expansion Debuts With An Interesting Pair Of Mechanics

Posted on 02/27 22:35 in Deals | 0

That day has come, and the new Un’Goro expansion will be the first test of Blizzard’s new adventure/expansion format, in which there are essentially no more adventures at all, only expansions where players have to purchase packs.This leads to more cards (there are 135 in the Un’Goro) set, and the PvE content will be free, when previously you had to purchase “wings” of it with gold or real money.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a season pass and free PvP

Posted on 03/02 18:23 in More | 0

Ubisoft have announced, to surprised gasps from all corners, that Ghost Recon Wildlands will have post-launch content which includes a season pass.The pass includes getting two 'major expansions' a week early.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a season pass, and free PvP after launch

Posted on 03/02 18:24 in More | 0

Ubisoft have announced, to surprised gasps from all corners, that Ghost Recon Wildlands will have post-launch content which includes a season pass.The pass includes getting two 'major expansions' a week early.

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Surprise, You Can Play Overwatch's New Tank Hero, Orisa, Right Now

Posted on 03/02 20:33 in Deals | 0

Just a couple weeks after teasing a new hero in more traditional ways, Blizzard has already rolled her out to the Public Test Realm.The hero is Orisa, a large, centaur-like robot built by Efi Oladele, a child genius who wanted to upgrade a defunct model of Omnic to help protect her home.

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de Blob is back with first ever PC release

Posted on 03/03 13:27 in More | 0

de Blob, the rather colourful Wii game from 2008, is heading to PC on April 27, THQ Nordic has announced.No console versions have been announced.

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Nintendo acknowledges Switch Joy-Con connectivity issues

Posted on 03/06 10:40 in More | 0

A support note is in direct reference to the following: Online postings indicate it is the left Joy-Con which suffers most problems, though Nintendo has not specifically mentioned this.Nintendo has a number of tips to ensure you don't suffer from Joy-Con problems, including not placing the Switch near to a fish tank.

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The Future Of Virtual Reality Isn't Your Living Room - It's The Mall

Posted on 03/08 02:31 in Deals | 0

Unique, large-scale experiences like free-roam VR, which can never be duplicated at home, will soon appear in malls and other retail destinations around the country.By using Vive experiences, IMAX has greatly reduced the cost of its centers, one of the main obstacles to the financial success of LBE.

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DevLog #11 - Greenlight Magic Number? -

Posted on 03/09 07:01 in More | 0

The popular belief among developers running Greenlight campaigns is that there is no hard set yes vote threshold for which a title would likely be greenlit.However, I personally believe that threshold to be around 350 yes votes.

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Ubisoft's Dig Rush Video Game May Become Just What The Doctor Ordered

Posted on 03/10 05:13 in Deals | 0

But Amblyotech’s Amblyopad device armed with Ubisoft’s video games Dig Rush and Monster Burner may change this.The resulting video games may be able to train you to coordinate your eyes.

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Posted on 03/15 00:58 in More | 0

Hundreds of mobile indie game developers around the world submitted their game to the Appodeal Indie Game Blast Off Contest, which launched in November 2016.Twelve top finalists were chosen for their potential to become the next big mobile game.

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DevLog #15 - The Harvest is Greenlit! -

Posted on 03/17 06:12 in More | 0

Well, I am very pleased to say that The Harvest has been Greenlit by the community!After 22 days (Which is nearly PI Weeks) of campaigning on Steam Greenlight we received a notification from Valve themselves that we had been Greenlit!

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New Flicker Spell Animation & Tweaks - #2 -

Posted on 03/17 09:13 in More | 0

I've added a new spell animation for 'Flicker'.Flicker now leaves behind a blazing trail which causes damage to enemies left in the wake of the Wizard.

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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Review (PS4): Every Man's Sky

Posted on 03/20 08:02 in Deals | 0

That’s the rather unusual set-up of Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game that shares a universe with the Mass Effect trilogy, but forges its own path with an entirely new story and slate of characters.Not many series can do that, and it’s always what makes Mass Effect stand out in a crowd.

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Renew/Cancel Odds for TV Shows Still on the Bubble

Posted on 03/22 08:20 in More | 0

At this time last year, there were fewer than 40 broadcast shows still on the bubble.This year?

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How To Be Less Terrible At Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer

Posted on 03/23 15:58 in Deals | 0

I missed the boat on Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer for the most part, but I decided to give Andromeda’s more of a shot.I’ve never been a huge horde mode person, but I like it more than PvP multiplayer these days, so why not?

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Let's Read Too Much Into Bungie's 'Destiny 2' Teaser

Posted on 03/28 17:12 in Deals | 0

Yesterday, for what was apparently the first time ever, Bungie confirmed the existence of Destiny 2 with some new teaser art.Some players were surprised that Destiny 2 apparently does not have a subtitle, sticking with a plain numbered installment.

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