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Dark matter evades even our most sensitive detector

Posted on 07/22 19:33 in Shows | 0

One of the fundamental challenges of researching dark matter is our inability to detect it.Scientists have worked for years to try and find direct evidence of dark matter’s existence, but to little avail.

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Found: a “fluffy” galaxy made from 99% dark matter

Posted on 08/30 18:30 in Shows | 0

Current estimates suggest that dark matter is far more common than ordinary matter, constituting between three-quarters and 84.In our own galaxy, dark matter is thought to be about five times more common than ordinary matter – but now scientists working with the Gemini North and Keck II telescopes have discovered a galaxy that’s made from 99.

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Far out: tidings from beyond the rim, and a historic first for reusable rockets, this week in space

Posted on 03/31 18:37 in Shows | 0

This achievement was the first time we’ve ever managed to launch, land, refurbish, and re-use a rocket for a second launch.Also, there’s a new hypothesis that proposes a relationship between gravity, dark matter, and black holes.

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