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Dropping SQLite for JSON serialization

Posted on 01/05 07:20 in More | 0

After a long time of thinking about this, I finally decided to drop SQLite as the main database for my Action RPG engine.After a couple years of work on this project, I realized I couldn't work anymore with databases unless I had a good ORM to back it up.

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Oculus "exclusive" titles are already running on the Vive

Posted on 03/26 13:02 in More | 0

The Oculus Rift might not be having the most steady launch, but when you do eventually get yours you’re in for a VR treat.The Rift is a beautifully built headset with some impressive, exclusive launch titles.

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The Island - Ethereal (Greenlit)

Posted on 01/25 02:42 in More | 0

We have been greenlit!Time to put some more work into the next test version.

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Profit or purpose? You can have both ()

Posted on 04/21 16:14 in More | 0

In February 2016, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, the world's largest investor with $4.The best entrepreneurs I know are the world's greatest change agents precisely because they share a native belief that the fundamental purpose of business is purpose.

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Xbox One backwards compatibility now supports multi-disc Xbox 360 games - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for Xbox 360 News -

Posted on 06/06 07:25 in More | 0

Be sure to thank the BC engineers," wrote Major Nelson on Reddit.The first multi-disc title is actually already available, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, which launched over the weekend.

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Burnout creators start work on a new driving game - Dangerous Golf for PS4 News

Posted on 08/05 12:27 in More | 0

Three Fields Entertainment has started work on a new driving game, creative director Alex Ward has announced.The game is presumably the spiritual successor to Burnout 3 teased by the company last year, with work beginning shortly after the release of the studio's debut title Dangerous Golf.

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