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SFNV Flare, Through Thickness

Posted on 10/18 22:22 in More | 0

THE VIRTUAL FUNCTION DILEMMARecently I've started using a new tool call virtual functions and a polymorphic base class.Setting this up was very difficult to do but after a week I was using virtual functions.

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I Want To Live In The City of Glass

Posted on 12/27 01:04 in More | 0

I am always interested seeing all the unique and creative designs game developers come up with for their city.My favorite architecture styles would have to be modernist, brutalist, and classic futurist.

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The AI of Power Pong - Learning over time -

Posted on 02/27 12:23 in More | 0

In this entry I will be discussing the AI of Power Pong.A decision was made early on as to how the AI would work.

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DevLog #4 - Dang Nuisance bugs! -

Posted on 03/02 06:40 in More | 0

I have been having a busy week so I have not had much time to work on "The Harvest".I decided I would go ahead and fix some of the throwing functionality of our crops in the game.

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DevLog #11 - Greenlight Magic Number? -

Posted on 03/09 07:01 in More | 0

The popular belief among developers running Greenlight campaigns is that there is no hard set yes vote threshold for which a title would likely be greenlit.However, I personally believe that threshold to be around 350 yes votes.

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DevLog #14 - Everybody Loves Struct Serlialization! -

Posted on 03/15 05:57 in More | 0

Mostly today I did not have too much time because I spent a lot of the day home from work shopping for microphones and microphone boom stands.I decided I would make the saving and loading and the usual file utilities for the character profiles.

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ExoCorps - Work in Progress -

Posted on 03/25 20:39 in More | 0

For my second post I would like to share with you "ExoCorps", a pretty cool work in progress game!I made the music for this trailer, and I am working on all the Sound effects now.

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How I Got Going -

Posted on 03/28 21:03 in More | 0

What first encouraged me to start making games was actually when I was very young and played a game called Roblox.After a while I started to pick up game development again and found the Cryengine.

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Earnings and Statistic from my Android Game - Bomb Rain -

Posted on 04/05 18:08 in More | 0

Hello all, a month ago i had release my first Android Game, now i would like to share downloads/earn and other statistic: Game got downloaded ~200x, here are Country/Android Statistic: Here how look download in Amazon Store vs Google Play: Game got downloaded 31x in Amazon App Store (right now 2-3x per day), on Google Play it got downloaded 178x (4-7x per day), record of game was 30x downloads in one day.That’s why Chartboost got so low earn, becuase in whole camping i show 0x Chartboost ads.

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My 2.5 years journey of game development -

Posted on 04/22 08:01 in More | 0

Just thought that I would share a bit about my game development experience in these past 2.This was when I learned another valuable lesson in game development.

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World Boxing Manager: Fight Night - Range and Offense -

Posted on 04/29 21:05 in More | 0

Thus, I'll just go ahead and post the next article about World Boxing Manager.Outside - Slightly further than and up to an arm's length away, this range is ideal for jabs and crosses.

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