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Dark Souls 3 Guide: High Wall of Lothric area guide -

Posted on 10/31 14:25 in More | 0

Alright, you've beaten Iudex Gundyr, you've opened up Firelink Shrine, and you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself.Welcome to the High Wall of Lothric, the first real area of Dark Souls 3 ready to give you a light–to–mild ass whupping and take you down a peg or two.

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Uncharted 4 Collectibles Guide: All Optional Conversations -

Posted on 06/06 07:16 in More | 0

Once Nate, Sam, and Sully have planned their adjusted heist in a cutscene, walk forward and then right, out onto the balcony.He'll look over the edge and say "As I live and breath, would you look at this place!

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